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cluster-mail Email notification plugin for Cluster

connect-multipart-gridform MongoDB GridFS backed multipart middleware

connect-timeout timeout middleware

drawback The drawback framework provides a seamless way to render 2D drawings on the client side using HTML5 technologies with a server-side backend.

druuid Date-relative UUIDs

email A simple wrapper for sendmail.

express-mongoose Adds Mongoose Promise/Query support to Express rendering.

gleak Node global variable leak detector

gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js

gomon MongoDB shell written in Node.js

graceful-shutdown Gracefully shutdown a server upon receiving the specified signal(s)

greadme Locally preview your markdown, Github style

gridform Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS

gridfs-stream Writable/Readable Nodejs compatible GridFS streams

groups-of Divides arrays or strings into sub-groups of a given cardinality

m mongodb version management

mongodb-schema-miner Generate schemas from MongoDB collections

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-double Double support for Mongoose

mongoose-function Function storage for Mongoose

mongoose-keywordize creates keywords from document properties

mongoose-long Long number type for Mongoose

mongoose-number Provides Mongoose v2 sub-classed Number with atomic increment/decrement support

mongoose-regexp Adds RegExp storage support to Mongoose

mongoose-text-search MongoDB 2.4 text search support for mongoose

mongoose-ttl Mongoose Time-To-Live plugin

mongoose-v2-compat Mongoose v2 compatibility for v3

mongooser Mongoose REPL

mpath {G,S}et object values using MongoDB-like path notation

mpromise Promises A+ conformant implementation

mquery Expressive query building for MongoDB

muri MongoDB URI parser

node-ses Amazon SES (sendmail) for node

npm-downloads Prints the number of downloads for a given npm package and the packages that directly depend on it

nproj Nodejs module boilerplate generator

observed observeable objects the way you want em

once-upon Executes a callback once upon the first of a list of events

regexp-clone Clone RegExps with options

sliced A faster Node.js alternative to

soap A minimal node SOAP client

starsky A higher level and opinionated library on top of node-amqp.

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