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bitcoin-tools Bitcoin Tools =============

bitfloor node.js access to the bitfloor api

blockchain node.js module to access the blockchain websocket api

drop node.js ripple client

hail Common interface to virtual currency exchanges

icon Convert an image to thumbnails suitable for favicon, metro tiles, touch icons.

imdb-scrape IMDB scraper for node

imgpk makes one image from several images

instawallet node.js module to access the instawallet api

konfu config from files, env vars, args

led-matrix-sender led matrix sender ===

margin margin trader

mtgox node.js access to the mtgox api

nonce returns unique and ever increasing timestamps

ofcp open face chinese poker library

pg-builder PostgreSQL query builder

pg-migrate pg-migrate ===

pg-test Test runner for PostgreSQL tests

sassets node.js module to bundle assets for websites

semaphore semaphore for node

snow-client access to snow

tropo Tropo ===

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