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beauty-queen A cli tool for beautifying your codes

bouncer A service router that uses MDNS and bouncy to do magic!

cacher A memcached backed http cache in the form of express middleware

cacher-memcached A pluggable backend for Cacher that uses memcached

cacher-redis A pluggable backend for Cacher that uses redis

dependable A minimalist dependency injection framework for javascript (fully tested for node.js)

distributor Easy distribution of resources through AMQP

express-cache-control A small middleware library for setting cache control headers

itv_server The bootstrap server we use at, its swell!

itv-services itv-services ============

mixpanel-helper A small util for building mixpanel urls with auth signatures

mongodb-wrapper Exactly-like-the-console wrapper for node-mongodb-native

mongoose-connector mongoose 2.0 has different syntax for connection to replica sets, this takes care of that

png-splitter A small util that takes a stream of PNGs and splits it up

service_proxy A small wrapper around request to handle proxying calls with nice error handling

statsd-connection-counter A small lib using node-statsd-client to count incoming connections as well as globalAgent connections and queue length by host

statsd-time Leverage nodetime to push samples to statsd

statuscode Check status codes using prefixes masks easily

std-error A small express middleware for standardizing on error handling

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