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backbone.paginator A set of pagination components for Backbone.js

basket.js A script-loader that handles caching scripts in localStorage where supported

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

configstore Easily load and save config without having to think about where and how

es6-module-loader An ES6 Module Loader shim

generator-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS

generator-aura Yeoman generator for Aura.js

generator-awesome Yeoman Generator for ...

generator-backbone Yeoman generator for Backbone.js

generator-bbb Backbone Boilerplate Yeoman generator.

generator-boilerplate Yeoman Generator for ...

generator-bootstrap Yeoman generator for Bootstrap

generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions

generator-chromeapp Yeoman generator for Chrome App

generator-commonjs A CommonJS generator for Yeoman

generator-element Yeoman generator

generator-ember Yeoman generator for Ember

generator-es6 An ES6 project generator for Yeoman

generator-generator Generator Generator for Yeoman

generator-gruntfile A gruntfile generator for Yeoman

generator-gruntplugin A Grunt plugin generator for Yeoman

generator-gulp-webapp Scaffold out a front-end web app

generator-jasmine Yeoman generator for Jasmine

generator-jquery A jQuery generator for Yeoman

generator-karma Yeoman generator for Karma

generator-mobile Mobile generator for scaffolding out a mobile-first webapp

generator-node A node generator for Yeoman

generator-polymer Yeoman generator for Polymer

generator-testacular Yeoman generator for Testacular

generator-webapp Scaffold out a front-end web app

grunt-bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

grunt-filerev Asset revisioning by using file content hashing

grunt-regarde Observe a set of files for changes

grunt-uncss A grunt task for generating CSS files containing only those styles used in your project.

grunt-usemin Replaces references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets into a set of HTML files (or any templates/views).

gulp-uncss-task A Gulp task for removing unused CSS

jpegtran-bin jpegtran (part of libjpeg-turbo) wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows. Most commonly used to losslessly minify JPEG images.

memoizejs A faster JavaScript memoizer

mustache-for-chromeapps Logic-less {{mustache}} templates with JavaScript

optipng-bin OptiPNG wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows

stringify-object Stringify an object/array like JSON.stringify just without all the double-quotes

update-notifier Update notifier for your package

yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See for more info.

yeoman-generator Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps

yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects

yt-jukebox yt-jukebox ==========

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