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acquarella Acquarella syntax highlighter

ajfabriq Distributed applications using messages

ajforce Multi-tenant applications for Node.js

ajgenesis AjGenesis Code Generation

ajgenesisnode-django AjGenesis for Django, tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-entity AjGenesis for Node, Entity tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-express AjGenesis for Node, Express tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-flask AjGenesis for Flask, tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-hello AjGenesis for Node, Hello tasks and template

ajgenesisnode-model AjGenesis for Node, Model tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-php AjGenesis for PHP, tasks and templates

ajgenesisnode-sinatra AjGenesis for Node, Sinatra tasks and templates

ajgroups Finite group library in Javascript

ajlisp Lisp interpreter implemented in Javascript, for browser and Node.js

ajlogo Logo Programming Language implemented in Javascript, for browser and Node.js

ajtalk Smalltalk VM implemented in Javascript, for browser and Node.js

ajtalkjs-ajunit Simple class for tests using assertion

ajtalkjs-core Core classes for AjTalkJs

ajtalkjs-httpserver Simple wrapper of http server

ajtalkjs-troy Troy Web Framework in Smalltalk

annalisa Annalisa simple analyzer of strings using defined rules

basicscript BASIC language interpreter in Javascript

cellular Simple Cellular Automata processing in Javascript for browser and Node.js

cobolscript COBOL compiler to JavaScript

complexo Simple complex numbers arithmetic operations

eternity Eternity II-like puzzle, board, pieces, and solver

gameserver Game Server simple model

hooplscript Hoopl language compiler to JavaScript

jpyscript Python compiler to JavaScript

kodemutator KodeMutator mutation testing framework

kodetokenizer Generic source code tokenizer

mproc Message processing middleware, for Node.js/JavaScript

multinodes Running many logical nodes in different machines. Each logical node can host services, and interchange messages.

nodeaima JavaScript/Node.js implementation of algorithms from Russell and Norvig's 'Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach'.

nodedelicious Library to access Delicious API

objectstream Bidirectional and unidirectional object streams for Node.js

ostore Object Store for JavaScript

pagejs PHP compiler to JavaScript

particulares Particle system, for JavaScript, browser and node.js

plangre Programming Language Regconizer

py2script Python compiler to JavaScript

redpython Reduced Python compiler to C, using JavaScript

runit Run runit plugins

runit-npmtest Runit testing module, published in npm

ruscript Ruby interpreter in JavaScript

rustscript Rust interpreter in JavaScript

scascript Scala-like programming language implemented as interpreter in JavaScript

simpleactors Simple Actor Model for Node.js, Work in Progress

simpleargs Simple Arguments processing for Node.js

simpleasync Simple flow library to chain and run functions with asynchronous calls

simplebeams Simple beams (lightweight message streams for Node.js)

simpleboard Generic Game Board

simpleboggle Simple Boggle board and word search library for JavaScript/Node.js

simplebot A simple bot for Node.js, with plugins support

simplebroadcast Simple broadcasting and repeatign of JSON messages using net sockets

simplebus Simple Service Bus for Node.js, Work in Progress

simplecards Simple cards and decks, to be rendered in web pages and mobile applications. WIP.

simplechess Chess game and evaluation

simplecontext Associate arbitrary data with a context (a simple plain JavaScript object)

simpledatabase Simple Database implemented in JavaScript, Node.js, in-memory and file persistence, WIP

simpleflow Simple flow library to chain and run functions with asynchronous calls

simpleforth SimpleForth compile Forth-like code to JavaScript

simplefunc Simple object with functions encode/decode, serialization/deserialization

simplega Simple Genetic Algorithms base framework

simplegammon Simple Backgammon game model, board model, evaluation

simplegeoloc SimpleGeoLoc simple items with geolocation, near items function

simpleglobals Simple Globals implementation, inspired by Mumps Globals

simplego Go game and evaluation

simplegrammar SimpleGrammar define parsers

simplehtml Simple DSL for HTML pages in Javascript/Node.js

simpleinvoke Chained invocation of functions with callbacks

simplejsonhtml SimpleJsonHtml generates HTML from a JSON template and a JSON model

simplekache Simple cache, in-memory, in-process.

simplekeeper Zookeeper-like distributed server, WIP

simplelambda Lambda calculus implemented as interpreter in JavaScript

simplelisp Lisp compiler to JavaScript

simplemapreduce Simple MapReduce implementation, written in JavaScript

simplememolap Simple in-memory multidimensional OLAP-like library for JavaScript/Node.js

simplemessages Simple bidirectional JSON message channels using net sockets as object streams

simplemodel Simple Model

simplemongo MongoDb-like document database, in memory implementation using JavaScript/NodeJs

simplemule Mule-like components processing arbitrary messages

simplemvc Simple MVC for Node.js

simpleparser Simple Javascript parser, inspired by PetitParser

simplepermissions Permissions by Subject, Role, and Context. Model in-memory

simplepipes Simple flow library based on pipes

simpleprolog SimpleProlog interpreter in JavaScript

simplequeue Simple In-memory Distributed Queue for Node.js

simplereact SimpleReact reactive programming using datasources

simpleremote Simple Remote Objects for Node.js

simplerules Rule engine, using Rete-like algorithm, compiling to JavaScript

simplescraper SimpleScraper define parsers

simplescript Simple Scripting Language, based on Javascript

simplestore Simple Key Value Store in memory, a la Redis. Work in Progress.

simplestorm Simple Storm-like distributed application, Work in Progress

simplesudoku Sudoku game and solver

simpletags Simple engine to manage items, with arbitrary data and associated tags

simpletpl Simple Template engine for Node.js

simpletree Simple In-memory Tree for Node.js

simpleturing Simple Turing Machine in Javascript for Browser and Node.js

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