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bidibinder ERROR: No file found!

blocking Pseudo-Blocking Async Javascript Functions

collector ERROR: No file found!

csml ERROR: No file found!

expressito ERROR: No file found!

facebook-express Facebook API and best-practices abstraction layer for express

ftree Reactive Dynamic Hierarchical State Machine

html2raml ```shell npm install html2raml -g html2raml ./home.html -o ./ ```

htmlspec list of html tags and other stuff

htmltagparser htmltagparser

htmltags htmltags

jamesbundle Bundle less, css, js, coffee with style

jquery_val_cell Exposes jQuery.val() as a reactive bidirectional cell

lazy_method Add lazy methods/properties to Coffeescript classes

memgraph minimalist in-memory graph implementation

mini_reverse_proxy curl -X GET /foo/proxy?url=X

minirpc Simple RPC. Call node functions from the browser.

radioactive radioactive

raml Radioactive Markup Language ( part of the Radioactive Framework )

raml_attributes ERROR: No file found!

raml_tags ERROR: No file found!

reactive-cell A Variable/Slot/Box that holds one value. compatible

reactive-cell-util ERROR: No file found!

reactive-stativus ```coffeescript

reactive-supercell ERROR: No file found!

reactivity Native Reactivity for Javascript

refmap Object == Map[String,Any] . refmap == Map[Any,Any]

sparql Simple, low-level SPARQL client

stackval Attach values to the stack and access them downstream

syncify A radically simpler way to deal with asynchronous functions in javascript

virtuoso-ini-parser OpenLink Virtuoso(.ini) parser

virtuoso-isql-wrapper Thin wrapper for the OpenLink (Virtuoso) iSQL command utility

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