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co-assets-compiler Assets compiler for CompoundJS

co-client Client-side compound

co-generators Generators for compoundjs

co-mailer Mailer extension for CompoundJS

co-socket compoundjs+socketio

compound CompoundJS - MVC framework for NodeJS

compound-passport PassportJS integrated with CompoundJS

compoundjs RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

connect-jugglingdb JugglingDB session store for Connect

crawler-hq Crawler is a web spider written with Nodejs. It gives you the full power of jQuery on the server to parse a big number of pages as they are downloaded, asynchronously. Scraping should be simple and fun! 1. install via npm:

ejs-ext CompoundJS adapter for ejs templating engine

express-on-railway RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework

jade-ext CompoundJS adapter for jade templating engine

jugglingdb ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, couchdb, postgres, sqlite

jugglingdb-mongodb MongoDB adapter for jugglingdb

jugglingdb-mysql MySQL adapter for JugglingDB

jugglingdb-nano CouchDB-nano adapter for jugglingdb

jugglingdb-postgres PostgreSQL adapter for JugglingDB

jugglingdb-redis Redis adapter for jugglingdb

jugglingdb-redis-hq Redis adapter for jugglingdb

jugglingdb-sqlite3 SQLite3 adapter for jugglingdb

kontroller Just controller

makedoc Tiny jsdoc generator

railway RailwayJS - Ruby-on-Rails inspired MVC web framework, fully ExpressJS compatible

railway-mailer Railway extenstion for sending emails

railway-monitor Server-side monitoring agent for RailwayJS

railway-pagination Pagination plugin for RailwayJS MVC framework

railway-passport PassportJS integrated with Railway

railway-routes Resourceful routing for ExpressJS, ruby-on-rails 2 style

railway-twitter Simple twitter auth app for railway

roco Deploy app to remote server via ssh

rw-translate RW plugin for automated locale files translation using google translate railwayjs+socketio

seedjs Database seed lib for nodejs

semicov Test coverage tool. It generates html [report like that](

ui-juggling ERROR: No file found!

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