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appborg appborg helps you build hybrid apps: native + webkit* + subprocess*

aws-stuff {S3,...}{Server,Client}, e.g. for your tests.

bitcoin-impl A library of JavaScript/C++ Bitcoin components. (And eventually, a full client made from them.)

coffeesurgeon Static {analysis,slicing,dicing} of your .coffee

common-exception a cross-language standard for representing exceptions

datastores Abstractions and wrappers for datastores.

foss-credits Generate FOSS credits HTML

foss-credits-collection A collection of credits for foss-credits

logging-system This package helps you log zillions of events {cheaply,efficiently,reliably}.

lpd {LPDServer, sendLPDJob} for the Line Printer Daemon protocol

misc-scripts TODO description

moof Yet another (mostly)-client-side JS library.

paper-keys (keypair) --> (one-page SVG with QR codes)

png-guts Helpers for working for working with PNG internals, `png-guts --strip-text`

s3-post Functions for S3 POSTing and policy signing.

watch-tree Yet another library for watching FS trees. Includes a JSON-on-stdout command-line tool and {filePreexisted,allPreexistingFilesReported} events.

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