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as-stream Represent stream, buffer an object or a list of those as a stream

backbone.avgrund Avgrund modal concept by @hakimel packaged as Backbone.View

backbone.customelements Custom Elements for Backbone.View

backbone.module Rubyish include and extend for Backbone

backbone.projections Various projections for Backbone.Collection

backbone.record records for Backbone

backbone.viewdsl declarative view technology for Backbone

backbone.viewevents Backbone.View events which bubble

backbone.viewx Backbone.View on steroids

connect-browserify Connect/express middleware for serving apps to a browser with browserify

connect-page render HTML page to bootstrap single page app for connect

connect-reqcontext Globally accessible request context for connect

connect-sass Connect middleware for rendering SASS/SCSS

connect-stylus yet another middleware for Stylus

connect-xcss Connect/Express middleware for XCSS

construct-from-spec Construct JavaScript objects from specifications

css-pack Pack CSS dependency graphs into bundles

cssobjectify Browserify/dcompose transform to convert CSS into an JSON object

dcompose Asset composer

dcompose-middleware Connect middleware for serving dcompose bundles

deps-topo-sort Sort module-deps/dgraph output topologically

dgraph Extract and transform dependency graphs

dgraph-css-import Transformer for dgraph to extract CSS imports as dependencies

dgraph-css-inline-woff Inline WOFF fonts as base64 encoded data uris in CSS

dgraph-live Watch and report changes to sources in dgraph

dgraph-stylus Stylus transform for dgraph

domain-context Globally accessible domain-bound contexts

es6-destructuring-jstransform jstranform for es6 destructuring syntax

es6-module-jstransform jstranform for es6 modules syntax

faviconr Service (and a pluggable Node.js express app) for resolving a favicon for a given URL

get-callsite-dirname Get dirname of the callsite's module

gitteh-extras extras for gitteh

gitteh-log walking over history with gitteh

gitteh-promisified gitteh with promisified API

gitteh-tree-entry resolve tree entry by path in a repo

jspecs BDD test-runner for specs written in extended JS

jstransformify Browserify transform which applies jstransform visitors

jsxx JSX eXperimental

less2stylus convert LESS to Stylus

markstruct Structured editor for markdown

mocha-fibers bdd style interface wrapped in fibers

promised from Node-style callback API to promise API

quiet-console Console replacement which does nothing

react-app Rapid application development with React

react-app-bundler React-app interface to browserify client code bundler

react-app-controller React application controller

react-app-middleware Connect/Express middleware for react-app

react-app-server-runtime Minimal Node-based runtime to eval React components on server

react-async React addon to render async components on server

react-async-middleware Connect/express middleware for react-async

react-dom-events Backbone.View like DOM event delegation for React

react-router-component Declarative router component for React

react-stylesheet A component for React to declare stylesheet dependencies

react-textarea-autosize textarea component for React which grows with content

react-time react component for rendering formatted timestamps

reactdown Write React components with markdown syntax

reactify browserify v2 plugin for react from Facebook to support jsx

reduced pull style lazy combinators for monadic containers

rework-classmap Rework CSS transform to eliminate unused class rules

rework-macro Macro CSS transform for rework

schematron Yet another schema validation library, including Connect/Express middlewares

sitegen Static site generator using React

songlocator-api SongLocator resolvers exposed as WebSocket API

songlocator-backbone SongLocator data models for Backbone

songlocator-base SongLocator base module

songlocator-cli SongLocator command line utilities

songlocator-deezer SongLocator resovler for Deezer

songlocator-exfm SongLocator resovler for exfm

songlocator-rdio SongLocator resovler for rdio

songlocator-soundcloud SongLocator resovler for SoundCloud

songlocator-spotify SongLocator resovler for Spotify

songlocator-youtube SongLocator resovler for YouTube

sphinx-npm launcher for sphinx tool for building docs ofr npm packages

sspa Serve Single-Page Applicaton while in development

stream-aggregate Aggregate streams of string, buffers and objects

stream-aggregate-promise Aggregate streams of string, buffers and objects into promise

stream-mux-demux Multiplex-demultiplex object streams over object stream

stream-recreate Recreate stream on 'error' and/or 'end'

stream-rpc RPC over arbitrary streams for Node.js and a browser

sweet-assertions Syntax for writing informative testing assertions

sweet-exec Syntax extension for shell command execution without boilerplate

sweet-jsx Use JSX compiler from inside Sweet.js macro

sweeten Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

sweetify Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

tell Promise-based web library

ws-chan WebSocket Channel — websocket interaction modeled as a pair of streams for incoming and outgoing messages correspondingly

xcss Programmable stylesheets

xcss-browserify xCSS plugin for browserify

xcss-inline-woff Rework CSS transform to inline WOFF as base64 data URIs

xcss-object-model Object model for xCSS

youtubemanager YouTube player which mimics SoundManager2 Sound object

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