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apitree Creates a SocketStream-style API tree from a file system directory

dreamopt Command-line parser with readable syntax from your sweetest dreams

fsmonitor Fine-grained cross-platform file system monitoring for Node.js

grunt-typescript-export Concat .d.ts from multiple files to provide an implicit module declaration for a npm package.

jobqueue Job Queue for serial processing of tasks in apps like LiveReload

json-diff JSON diff

livereload-client LiveReload client (talks to livereload-server)

livereload-core The heart of LiveReload: file monitoring, analysis and tool invocation

livereload-protocol LiveReload protocol parser

livereload-server LiveReload 3 web socket and http server

pathspec Shell-like name/path wildcards, gitignore-like file lists

pine2e Pinetwo's pluggable web stack based on Express.js and PostgreSQL

plist-to-json A tiny command-line tool to convert (xml) .plist files to JSON format

reactive Reactive template engine with data bindings

rewebsocket WebSocket with automatic reconnection

scopedfs A convenient API to build and access file system subtrees (particularly in tests); provides a version of every ‘fs’ module function, scoped to the given root or, optionally, to a new temporary directory; also adds a bunch of convenience methods

subst Placeholder substitution library for JavaScript and Node.js

urlmatch URL host/port/path matching (kind of like fnmatch)

woot Quickly create new projects based on custom templates

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