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caf_ardrone Cloud Assistants lib to interact with ARDrone hardware

caf_ardrone_setup Firmware drone changes to support caf_ardrone

caf_cli Cloud Assistants lib for interacting as a client of other CA

caf_conduit Cloud Assistants lib for orchestrating asynchronous tasks.

caf_core Cloud Assistant Framework Core

caf_deploy Cloud Assistants lib for deploying apps in CF

caf_examples Cloud Assistant Framework Examples

caf_hellodrone_cli Cloud Assistants minimal drone example (code running in drone)

caf_imap Cloud Assistants lib for accessing an imap mail server

caf_iot Enables simple interactions between a CA and a gadget of the IoT

caf_iot_cli Cloud Assistants lib for IoT devices that interact with CAs using node.js

caf_piface Cloud Assistants lib to interact with Pi-Face hardware

caf_profiler Performance profiling of CAF

caf_prop Exposes statically defined properties to all CAs

caf_pubsub Cloud Assistants lib for a Redis based publish/subscribe

caf_pull Cloud Assistants lib for caching locally external resources

caf_security Cloud Assistants security lib

caf_session Cloud Assistants lib for supporting logical/persistent sessions

caf_sharing Cloud Assistants lib for efficient sharing of data and code among CAs (single writer/ multiple reader) using the Sharing Actors paradigm

caf_sim Simulates an http router in Cloud Foundry to allow local debugging

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