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a-frame A javascript framework

amdify Amdify converts your node.js code into browser-compatible code. For example

armada node-armada ===========

asyngleton asynchronously generate singletons

auth ERROR: No file found!

awsm node-awsm =========

awsm-cli node-awsm-cli =============

awsm-keypair-save node-awsm-keypair-save ======================

awsm-ssh node-awsm-ssh =============

back-notifications - jQuery - [transit](

bark-notifications - jQuery - [transit](

bean.database.mongo mongo bean for beanpole

bean.http HTTP beans for beanpole

beanie haba + beanpoll

beanpole Routing on Steroids

beanpoll Routing with syntactic sugar

beanpoll-cache cache middleware for beanpoll

beanpoll-connect beanpoll-connect ================

beanpoll-growl growl notification plugin for beanpoll

beanpoll-http HTTP beans for beanpole

beanpoll-twilio Thyme client for beanpoll

bindable bindable.js ===========

bindable-call Makes it easy to bind asynchronous function calls.

bindable-decor ```coffeescript decor = require("bindable-decor") bindable = require("bindable") factory = decor.factory()

bindable-decor-bindings bindable-decor-bindings =======================

bindable-model Models:

bindable-schema ```javascript

bindable-wrap bindable-wrap =============

boojs boo.js ======

branch branch.js =========

brasslet Built originally for [node-ectwo](

browserify-files browserify-files ================

browsertap apuppet =======

bugsense bugsense API

capirona Javascript Tasks

cashew ID generator

Cashew ID generator

catchall Catch all javascript exceptions

celeri CLI lib

chowder - recursivley include other configuration files - scan directory for configuration files

chunnel Local Tunnel for the service: [Browsertap](

closest-ec2-region node-whichregion ================

closest-region node-whichregion ================

clump clump multiple files into one

colorcode pattern-based CLI coloring

comerr ERROR: No file found!

connect-router Robust routing for express.js

cortado cortado =======

crema syntactic sugar for your javascript functions

cron2 CronJob's for your node

cronworker cron tabs + node jobs

crowbar crowbar.js ==========

cstep Usage

cupboard Reverse Repo System

cupboard-bootstrap Project Management for cupboard (xcode, textmate)

cupboard.scaffold Project Management for cupboard (xcode, textmate)

daisy Abstracted MQ for rabbitmq

dials config library for node

dirmr Directory merging & manipulation

disposable ```javascript

ditto Ditto is a development utility that synchronizes changes across any browser you have running. It's perfect for testing Websites for cross-browser, cross-mobile compatibility.

dnode-plugin dnode extension for plugin.js

dolce Collections with syntactic sugar

dref deep object refs

dsync ```javascript

ectwo node-ec2 ========

emailer node-emailer ============

emailify Make HTML pages email-safe


extendo ```javascript var extendo = require("extendo")(module); extendo.install("my-custom-module", function() {

eyebrowse Eyebrowse is an utility which allows you to easily launch, and control browsers from the command line. It was built to launch different browser versions for cross-browser testing.

factories factories.js ============

fasten Built originally for [node-ectwo](

fiddle mongodb inspired object manipulation

fig async view for node, and the web

fixie fixie.js ========

flatstack flatstack.js ============

funmatch funmatch.js ===========

funwrap funetti.js ==========

garden garden ======

garden-planter garden-planter ==============

gittyup [![build status](]( Gittyup is a small node.js application deployment library similar to [n](/visionmedia/n).

groupobj ```javascript

guava Push for mongodb

gumbo node.js db

haba.dnode dnode plugin for haba

hoist Synchronous mappings:

hotfix Push live changes to your end users

hurryup hurryUp.js ==========

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