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agent client-side request module, derived from superagent

Classy Brings the MooTools 1.x Class sugar to Prime

complex Do calculations with Complex numbers

Complex Do calculations with Complex numbers

coverjs JSCoverage compatible JavaScript code coverage tool

CSSMatrix A CSSMatrix shim for 3D tranformation matrices

cubic-bezier A small cubic b├ęzier timing function

dom-binding Simple one-way data binding to the DOM

elements prime dom library

elements-ui UI elements using elements

elements-util Extra Utilities using Elements

elements-website Microsite for elements

envarconst Replace const declarations with custom values, so an minifier like uglifyjs can remove dead code

es-safe-ie Transforms unsafe code to safe code for <IE9

grunt-wrapup Grunt Plugin for WrapUp. Wraps your node modules into web modules.

grunt-wrapup-partition wrapup-partition grunt task

LISP.js A simple LISP parser and executer.

moofx A CSS3-enabled javascript animation library for node and the browser

mootools-microsite Microsites for MooTools Projects like prime

node-sass-cli Better CLI for node-sass, including watching

png.js A PNG decoder fully written in JavaScript

prime prime, an OOP JavaScript library for node and the web.

prime-util Extra Utilities using Prime

prime-website Website for Prime

procs Stupid Markdown to HTML documentation tool

scopup Scope analysis of an Mozilla Parser AST (from esprima)

selenium-wrapper A selenium server wrapper, including installation and chrome webdriver

slick Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser.

Supersonic A small and supersonic flow-controll library

sym-router Pushstate and hash router and history manager

testbox Run all your browser tests instantly, sandboxed

wrapup wraps up node packages for web development

wrapup-middleware Wrapup Middleware for connect.

wrapup-partition Convert Node/CommonJS modules for the browser with on demand loading of JS files

wrapup-webbuilder A web builder for downloading browser wrapup'd JavaScript

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