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appzone Appzone NodeJS Client

connect-ntp Connect Middleware for NTP like algorithm

ddp-analyzer Very Simple DDP Proxy which logs DDP messages

deep-equal2 node's assert.deepEqual algorithm with constructor check

drev Distributed Redis EventEmitter

hiredis-solaris Wrapper for reply processing code in hiredis(works with solaris)

hitler Server Automation for NodeJS over SSH

horaa Mocking NodeJS Modules

jailguard Safe Way to Run User Provided JavaScript with NodeJS

laika end to end testing framework for meteor

melog Personal Time Tracker for Hackers

meteor-npm Complete NPM support for Meteor

meteor-runner Better way to run Meteor Apps

metrics-io Core module with backend tracking and aggregation

metrics-io-dashboard Dashboard for

minum Core 'minum' module with backend tracking and aggregation

minum-dashboard Dashboard for minum

mnode How to find the node version used by Meteor

mocha-mongo Set of mongodb testing helpers for mocha

mongo-metrics Tracking Metrics with MongoDb

mongotest Integration Testing Helper for MongoDB

mup Production Quality Meteor Deplouments

nariya Continious Deployment for NodeJS

nodemiral Server Automation for NodeJS over SSH

nodemiral-logger Syslog Logger packaged for Nodemiral

nodemiral-mongodb MongoDB packaged for nodemiral with replicaSet support

nodespy Spy and Expectation Framework for NodeJS with Stubbing

nodeunit2 Easy unit testing for node.js and the browser.

pick-mongo-primary Get MongoDB Shell command to PRIMARY from the Mongo URL

qbox JQuery like queue solution for NodeJs

redis-scripto Redis Lua Script Manager for NodeJS

simple-xmpp Simple High Level NodeJS XMPP Library

thu Simple utility to generate thunks on the fly

tusker Redis based distributed task locking

usage simple way to lookup linux process usage

userdown Run node apps with stepping down user permissions

wait-for-mongo Simple utility which waits until mongodb to come online

winstoon Simple Wrapper for Winston Logger

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