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ansi-colorizer Colorize/brighten text for terminals with ANSI escape sequences

bane (Yet another) Event emitter for Node, Browser globals and AMD

buster Buster.JS JavaScript Test framework. Meta package that pieces together various sub-projects.

buster-analyzer .. default-domain:: js .. highlight:: javascript

buster-assertions Assertions for any JavaScript test framework and environment

buster-autotest Watch files and run buster tests on save

buster-capture-server Buster capture server

buster-cli Internal wrapper and util for creating CLIs in the buster project.

buster-coffee Buster.JS extension: Automatically compile CoffeeScript files before running tests

buster-configuration Groks the buster.js configuration file, including resource loading, file globbing, grouped test configs and more

buster-core Buster core utilities

buster-evented-logger An evented console logger

buster-faye Temporary fork of Faye without redis

buster-format Tools for formatting JavaScript objects in a human-readable way

buster-glob Small wrapper around the glob module that allows globbing for multiple patterns at once

buster-html-doc HTML doc feature (as found in JsTestDriver) as a Buster.JS extension

buster-jstestdriver Run JsTestDriver tests with Buster.JS

buster-lint Buster-extension: jslint/jshint your files as part of test run.

buster-node A minimal Buster.JS configuration for testing node modules

buster-server-cli buster-server CLI library

buster-sinon Sinon.JS integration for the Buster.JS test runner

buster-static QUnit style browser based test runner

buster-terminal String tools for terminal formatting

buster-test Promised based evented xUnit and BDD style test runner for JavaScript

buster-test-cli Cli tools for Buster.JS test runners

buster-user-agent-parser Simple user agent parser that gets browser, platform and version

buster-util Buster internal utilities

evented-logger An evented console logger

formatio Human-readable object formatting

fs-watch-tree Recursively watch directories for changes

grunt-buster Grunt task for running Buster.JS tests in Node.js or headless in PhantomJS

multi-glob Small wrapper around the glob module that allows globbing for multiple patterns at once

posix-argv-parser POSIX compliant command-line argument parser.

prefsink User-provided preferences for your Node program through ~/.<your-project> and environment variables

ramp A ramp that makes browsers crash and burn, and hopefully run some tests (or less specifically, load some files and emit some events).

ramp-resources Virtual file systems for exposing files and other resources on e.g. web servers

referee Assertions for any JavaScript test framework and environment

referee-sinon Sinon.JS assertions for referee

samsam Value identification and comparison functions

stack-filter Cleaner and more readable stack traces for all

stream-logger Wrapper on top of buster-evented-logger that does pretty outout to stdout and stderr.

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