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cantest Canvas visual testing

colors2 Get colors in your node.js console like what

comma-it Node.js module convert numbers to amounts

connect-girror Tiny little connect middleware to mount and auto-deploy apps from a git repository

csvdb Read-only document store based on a text/csv documents. Can be used, for example, to use Google Spreadsheets as a source database

ctxobj Objects with context, especially good for contextual logging

fetch-o-logo Simple guess work to grab the url for a logo based on naive search logic.

fsmjs State machines are back

girror Efficient mirror of git repositories. Great for continuous deployment

inferify Return a string representing the common datatype of a given Object[].

jsplugs Dead-stupid init.d-like plugin manager for node.js

node-express-bootstrap3-template A template for express, NodeJS and twitter bootstrap, with mocha for testing

pipecast Broadcast POST requests into GET long-polling streams

spinner Spawns child processes and allocates `process.env.PORT` for each.

statestream Stream state changes of JSON objects easily

webstream Stream api for node.js websockets

xui npm package for xui.js

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