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ada client

after-time Declarative setTimeout

alert Play Sound Alerts

andthen Async function composition with parameter fixing abiliy.

anglicize Anglicize the special characters in given text.

ansi-codes just an object that returns ANSI styling codes

atbash Atbash cipher

attr Define values that you can subscribe for changes

attrs Shortcut to attr.attrs

background-image Set background image for given element

bind-key Library To Bind Keyboard Events

binding Create your own DOM bindings

boxcars boxcars is a tiny collection library that comes with built-in caching for preloading contents.

brick UI Components for browsers and NodeJS

bud minimalistic task manager

call-all Call Given Async Functions In Given Order

categorize-files Categorize given files by extensions

checkfor Validate objects with meaningful errors

circle Minimalistic JSON API Server

combiner Flexible file-joining library with functional middleware support.

comp Async Function Composition

core-modules the browser-resolve fork that just exports core modules

declarative-js My take on declarative programming in JavaScript.

default-debug enable specified debug functions by default

delegate-dom Low-level event delegation library.

dom-children Functions for modifying DOM elements

dom-classes Cross-browser element class manipulation

domflow Tiny Reactive DOM Programming Library

domquery Handy jQuery-like DOM Programming Library

door Http proxy server with auto-reload and static file serving

duba Sync your projects from remote machine into local via SSH

eksi-server Eksi Sozluk JSON API Server

eksi-sozluk NodeJS client to query Eksi Sozluk

english-time Parses times written in simple English to unix time

environ Cross-platform environment detection library for JavaScript

every-time Declarative setInterval

expand-home-dir Expand ~/

failing-code Returns failing code for given error

failing-line Return the line number and filename of failing line from given error object

filename-id Create IDs from filenames

filter-stack Filter stack trace of given error object

findall finds all regex matchings

first-val Execute given async functions in given order until a value is produced

flat-glob Return glob applied and flattened version of the given array

flatten-array Flattens nested arrays.

fog Minimalistic Pubsub Library

format-text String formatting library inspired from Python

fox Pragmatic Testing Framework For NodeJS and Browsers.

functools A minimal library of functional operations

genpkg Generates NPM packages from single JavaScript files.

get-json Request wrapper returns only error and JSON body

get-object-path Return a value from given object path

go Cross-platform next-tick with fallback to setTimeout.

goodeggs-list List GoodEggs

goodeggs-login Auth GoodEggs with e-mail and password

hide Hide a DOM element

highkick Asynchronous, no-style, super simple testing tool.

ignore-doc Filter filenames with .ignore documents created by users

indev minimalistic task manager

is-node Returns true if it's running on NodeJS

iter Serial & Parallel Iteration

join-params Partial function application with parameter formatting

jsify Convert text files to JavaScript modules

json-resources Minimalistic JSON API Server

just-next-tick Cross-platform next-tick with fallback to setTimeout.

juxt Take a set of functions, return a function that is the juxtaposition of those functions.

keyname-of library to find out event keyname of given key code

keynames List of event key names

kurdish-time Parses times written in simple Kurdish to unix time.

left-pad String left pad

level-client Create and return LevelDB client if necessary, reuse if already given

level-json LevelDB wrapper to avoid repeating encoding fields for just JSON

level-json-cache Caching library with LevelDB backend

level-json-wrapper LevelDB JSON Wrapper

local-debug debug prefixed with the project name

lowkick Simplifies running and verifying cross-browser tests on command-line.

map async map. iterates both array and objects.

matches-dom-selector Check if an element matches a given selector string

media HTML5 Media Player

medium-author Get a Medium author with list of articles

medium-post Get a Medium post

memdiff BDD style memory leak hunting tool.

memoize-async Async Function Memoizer

memoize-sync Return a memoized version of function.

memoize-with-leveldb Memoize functions with LevelDB

methodify Take a set of functions and make them methods of specified object

midi-instrument Return an object of music notes for given Midi instrument

midi-sdk Require MidiJS' SDK Asynchronously

midibin-api API Server For

mime-of Returns the mimetype of given URI

mix-objects Mix specified objects

mp3s Extracting MP3 Urls From Given URL

new-chain Create chaining APIs from functions

new-command Simplifying defining commands and options by combining minimist, show-help, show-version modules

new-element Create a new DOM element from string

new-error Create Error Objects With String Formatting

new-format String formatting for humans.

new-list Minimalistic Arrays with PubSub

new-object Objects with PubSub

new-partial Partial function application.

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