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new-prop Minimalistic, extendible properties

new-pubsub Minimalistic Pubsub Library

new-range Returns an array of nums from start to end.

new-reactive Build your own binding abstractions, based on observable attributes (

new-struct Structs inspired from Golang

next-time Returns the nearest date of given time

observer An implementation of observer design pattern.

on-off DOM Event Binding Library

one Bundles NodeJS modules/libraries for web browsers

ourtunes Command-line tool to roll your own music player

outer-html Basic cross-platform methods for editing outer HTML

parallel-loop Loop parallelly

parse-path parse javascript object path

pause-function Pause and resume function calls

personal-api Azer's Personal API Server

play-audio HTML5 Audio Player

play-url Play the song at given URL. Supports Soundcloud, Youtube and Rdio URLs.

post-data A simple function to get the post data from a NodeJS request

pref Remember user preferences via LocalStorage

prettify-error Prettify given error object

prompt-input Prompt user inputs with styling

propertify Propertify given object

property Library for creating functional properties

prova Test runner based on Tape and Browserify

pubsub Minimalistic Pubsub Library

radio-paradise-api Radio Paradise API written in NodeJS

random-color Module to generate random RGB colors

rdio-js-api CommonJS Compliant Rdio JavaScript API

read-json Reads and parses a JSON file.

refine-object Create a new object from given another one

relative-date Javascript module for outputting relative dates.

remotely Run given command remotely via SSH

require-sdk JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed. Designed for popular APIs like Youtube, Rdio, Soundcloud etc.

rname Rename a NodeJS project

route-map Match a url from an object of route patterns

run-after Run a command after given time

run-paralelly Run given commands as parallel processes

run-serially Run given commands as child processes serially

sanitize-object Take only the fields you need from a JS object

scrape-eksi Scrape Eksi Sozluk

scrape-pages Scrape any content splitted into pages

scrape-url Scrape URLs with CSS selectors

select-dom DOM Selector Library With Fallback Support

serial-loop Async serial loop

serially Compose async functions into one function that runs all serially

shell-jobs Cron replacement in NodeJS

show-help Outputs help for parent package and exits

show-version Shows the name and version of parent package and exists

shuffle-array Randomize the order of the elements in a given array. Minimalistic wrapper around and

slug-to-title Generate a title from given slug

socks-browser SockJS-client is a browser JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object. SockJS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, Javascript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server.

soundcloud-stream Stream Soundcloud URLs

stream-format String formatting with streams

strip Strip HTML Tags

style-dom Library to manipulate CSS via DOM

style-format Library to easily style texts with string formatting

styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

subscribe Subscribe/unsubscribe to multiple pubsubs

subscription Library to store and manage paid subscriptions via Stripe and LevelDB

to-slug Turn given text to slug. (anglicize + to-slug-case)

toledo-chess Unobtrusive, indented fork of Oscar Toledo's Javascript Chess

turkish-alphabet Returns lower and capital letters in the Turkish alphabet.

turkish-synonyms-api NodeJS API for querying synonyms of Turkish words

turkish-time Parses times written in simple Turkish to unix time.

unique-now Module to generate unique unix times

uniques Filter out duplicates in an array

userbook LevelDB Based Module To Store And Manage Users

uzo Browser client for Uzo

variable-name Generate a variable name from given string

video-canvas Display Videos In Canvas Element

video-dimensions Returns the dimensions of given video

virtualbox A library to interact with VirtualBox.

watch-array Watch any changes on arrays

web-assets Define web assets for CommonJS modules.

with-env Read and apply .env file if exists in the working directory

youtube-video Minimalistic API to play Youtube videos

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