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asyncBuilder handle async dependency loading

aws-locate Locate the region and/or availability zone for a node process running on EC2

bidar Binary Data Representation (serialization format)

closure-templates Fork of closure-templates that allows installation via NPM.

cromulent a delightfully cromulent node.js framework

cumberbatch crazy watcher stuff

daemonsauce Just add Daemon Sauce to turn your app into a daemon.

dynamite promise-based DynamoDB client

grok do you grok it?

grunt-closure-compiler-modules A Grunt task for Closure Compiler.

grunt-renaming-wrap A Grunt plugin for wrapping project text files

gyro Graph system which attempts to self balance

kew a lightweight promise library for node

leb LEB128 utilities for Node

luge Lightweight class-based events

matador an MVC framework for Node

node-memcache-parser-obvfork memcached binary protocol parser

obviously lightweight type reflection for node.js

oid Utilities for object identity and hashing

pipette Stream and pipe utilities for Node

populator populate javascript objects asynchronously

shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js

stormrider storm client

typ Type predicates and assertions for Node

ursa RSA public/private key crypto

variants Framework for declaring dynamic flags based on pluggable conditions.

zcache AWS zone-aware multi-layer cache

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