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absolute Test if a path (string) is absolute

access-log Add simple access logs to any http or https server

amass Amass system information and expose it as JSON

amass-etc-passwd A module for amass to read passwd and group info

amass-smf A plugin for amass to expose SMF service information

ampache Communicate to an Ampache server using the API

auths Print authorizations granted to a user on an Illumos based operating system

autocast Easily and automatically cast common datatypes in JavaScript

autolinks Automatically turn URL's into links

basiccache An extremely basic cache with a simple expiry system

bpm Calculate BPM by tapping

celery-man Computer load up celery man

cleanse Remove reserved keys like hasOwnProperty, toString, etc. on objects recursively

clear Clear the terminal screen if possible

condexec Conditionally shell out an exec

css-color-names A JSON Object of css color names mapped to their hex value

curl-cmd Generate a curl command line argument list from an http request object

destruct Easily unpack C Structs and binary buffers

dnsgen Generate DNS files using json

dvorak Convert qwerty to dvorak and vice versa

easyreq Add convenience function to the req and res objects of an http/https server

etc-passwd Interface to read a standard Unix passwd and group file-format

exec Call a child process with the ease of exec and safety of spawn

freqchart Command line tool for generating frequency charts

fskv A filesystem based key-value store in Node.JS via HTTP

fskv-client A Node fskv client

http-host-proxy HTTP(s) proxy with host based routing to front servers, with optional SSL or authentication

httpserver command line HTTP server tool for serving up local files, similar to python -mSimpleHTTPServer

hue-cli A command line interface to phillips hue

iefavorites Export favorites from internet explorer in the Favorites folder

include Include/parse C header (.h) files

iprange Generate an array of all ips in a given subnet

ipsort Sort IP Addresses

json-safe-parse Parse JSON and silently ignore or error on reserved keys like hasOwnProperty, toString, etc.

kbev Send keypress events to XBMC over the Event Sever API (UDP)

latest Determine the latest available version of a package in npm

log-buffer Buffer calls to console.log, console.warn, etc. for high performance logging

log-prefix Prefix calls to console.log, console.warn, etc with whatever you'd like

log-timestamp Prepend timestamps to functions like console.log, console.warn, etc

log-timestamp.c A logger function with the current timestamp prepended

lyrictagger Automatically add lyrics to music files

machinedb A machine database that stores information as flat JSON files

makejson Make JSON from the command line

manta-sync Rsync style command for Joyent's Manta

music-directory Serve your music over the web with a nice UI, or as JSON

musicnamer Organize your music collection

nagios-html-email Generate HTML emails for Nagios service and host alerts

netscape-bookmarks Create a netscape format bookmarks file (works with Chrome)

node-dtrace-examples Examples of node with dtrace probes inline.

pcurl Concurrently curl a list of hosts and print the results

perms Convert Unix style permissions to strings like ls (0755 => 'rwxr-xr-x')

pins Create Pinterest style pins for your own files over HTTP

pkgin A Node.JS wrapper for pkgin specifically for SmartOS

prepositions A JSON array of one-word, english prepositions

protocol-numbers Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers (from

psage Show running processes sorted by start time showing how long ago they were created

ptools Use Solaris/Illumos proc(1) tools in Node.js

raise Send a signal to the current process (see raise(3))

random-mac Generate a random Mac Address

rgb2ryb [DEPRECATED] Convert colors in JavaScript from rgb to ryb and back

ryb2rgb Convert colors in JavaScript from ryb to rgb

service-names Service names and ports (from

shell-escape Escape and stringify an array of arguments to be executed on the shell

smf Expose smf(5) to Node.js for Solaris/Illumos based operating systems

ssh-fingerprint Generate a fingerprint given an SSH public key (without `ssh-keygen` or external dependencies)

ssh-version Determine the remote version of ssh running on a host

sshp simple, intuitive, no bullshit approach to parallel ssh

ssl-redirector Command line tool to force HTTP requests to be redirected to HTTPS

static-route A route for an http server to safely serve static files

stats-page Create a /stats page http-server for a server application

tilde-expansion Expand a ~ character to a users home directory like bash

unfreeze-ps Unfreeze photoshop on macs

untiny Untiny a URL

url-shortener Spawn up a simple webserver to act as a URL shortener

urlfile Parse and create .url (bookmark) files

urlparse-cache Parse a url string using Node's builtin module and cache the results

wcs A tool like wordcount that supports continuous streams at a regular interval

webamp Ampache web interface

wiiu-media-server An HTTP media server made specifically for the Wii U browser

wordsearch Generate wordsearch puzzles

xbmc-event-client XBMC EventServer API Client using UDP sockets

xbmc-xbox-controller Control XBMC using an original Xbox controller

xbox-hid-controller Original Xbox Controller API using node-hid HID device

zpool Interface to ZFS zpools

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