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joe-reporter-list List Reporter for the Joe Testing Framework

jquery-scrollto Smooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element

jquery-slidescrollpanel Create sliding scroll panels that slide in by touch, trackpad and scrolling

js2coffee JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler

kitchensink.docpad Kitchensink Skeleton for DocPad, based off Twitter's Bootstrap

lazy-require Lazy require allows you to require modules lazily, meaning that when you lazy require a missing module, it is automatically installed. If the installation or require fails, the error is returned to the lazy require callback.

less-bal Leaner CSS

less4clients Express.js extension to render LessCSS (.less) files server-side :)

mailer-bal send emails from node.js to a smtp server, simple as cake

miniview Miniature (Spine/Backbone like) views for your client-side app. Respects garbage collection.

normalify Normalize different variable value types - e.g. `"1"` becomes `1`

nowpad Realtime Text Collaboration

pointers Syncs a model/collection with an element. Supports two-way syncs. Respects garbage collection and bottom-up rendering. Reactive.

progressbar A nice wrapper around [TJ Holowaychuck's]( [node-progress]( with chaining, domains, and steps

projectz Stop wasting time syncing and updating your project's README and Package Files!

pulverizr-bal Smash your images down to size.

query-engine Query-Engine is a NoSQL and MongoDb compliant query engine. It can run on the server-side with Node.js, or on the client-side within web browsers

readme-utils Utilities for batch updating your README files

requirefresh Require a file without adding it into the require cache

rtc-videoproc-bal Draw video frames to a canvas and analyse / modify pixel data

safecallback Handle callback errors safely and easily

safefs Stop getting EMFILE errors! Open only as many files as the operating system supports.

safeps Work with processes safely and easily with Node.js

simple-server Simple Server allows you to easily get a node.js static file server up and running anywhere anytime.

sortobject Returns a copy of an object, sorted deeply by its keys, without mangling any arrays inside of it

spine-route The minimistic router from Spine, extracted microjs style.

taskgroup Group together synchronous and asynchronous tasks and execute them with support for concurrency, naming, and nesting.

textextensions A package that contains an array of every single file extension there is for text files

typechecker Utilities to get and check variable types (isString, isPlainObject, isRegExp, etc)

version-compare PHP.js implementation of version compare coded in coffeescript for node.js

watchersto Fetch a github projects watchers and exports them to either json, csv or vcf formats

watchr Better file system watching for Node.js

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