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br-jquery a jQuery package for browserify

brt Browser Tools: command-line tools for browsers

clippy a CLI library for filters A tool for cloning resources and their subresources, and operating on them (both the clones and the origins) in a manner similar to git.

coffee-son A utility for CoffeeScript literals

corto command-line http client that makes its requests with superagent

endl endl from C++, ported to node


exponent a web app for hackers

herp http slurp (for the simplest uses of streams)

htdoc glue for html

ijson an international flavor of JSON that replaces the english words "true", "false", "null" with symbols

ji ji ==

js2json converts json-structured javascript to json

json2js converts json to javascript with exports and function expressions

jules json manipulation tool

knid Quickly post things to couchdb

n node version manager

naturalsort sort string keys with numbers inside of them naturally

such CLI that understands generic names

wowscript JavaScript Object based scripting language

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