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birdeater A command-line tool for backing up a user's public Tweets in JSON format.

endtable An experimental ORM for CouchDB.

esproxy A fault-tolerant proxy layer for ElasticSearch.

jdistiller A page scraping DSL for extracting structured information from unstructured XHTML, built on Node.js and jQuery.

karait A ridiculously simple queuing system, with clients in various languages, built on top of MongoDB.

micro-test An asynchronous unit testing framework in under 40 lines of code.

npm-tweets Publishes tweets when libraries are updated on npm.

sexy-args A sexy DSL for parsing the arguments passed into functions.

tcplock A proxy that only allows one connection through on a given port at a time.

tut A package registry for programming tutorials.

wikifetch Uses jQuery to return a structured JSON representation of a Wikipedia article.

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