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annodoc Documentation generator for annotated modules

annofp Annotated functional programming utilities for JavaScript

annofuzz Fuzzer for JavaScript

annogenerate Data generators

annoinject Injects dependencies to JavaScript modules and packages

annois Generative type checkers for JavaScript

annomath Annotated math utilities for JavaScript

annoops Annotated operands for JavaScript

annostring Annotated string utilities for JavaScript

annotate Asserts your function invariants

annotate.js Asserts your function invariants

annozip Zips data into structure

assert.js A better assert

blogger2ghost Blogspot JSON migrator plugin for Ghost

colorjoe Scaleable color picker

colorjs Color lib. Supports rgba, hsva, hsla and conversions via a simple API.

drag.js Simple utility to make it easier to implement drag based things (ie. sliders and such)

dragjs Simple utility to make it easier to implement drag based things (ie. sliders and such)

effectserver-client Client for instanssi/effectserver

funkit Various utilities

generators.js Data generators

ghw Github wiki to HTML converter

grunt-adapter [![build status](]( # grunt-adapter

ioscript.js ioscript.js makes it easy to write IO scripts

james-compile Compiler plugin for james.js

jquery.caro Why we need yet another carousel plugin? Simply because I couldn't find one that fits my purposes. As a result caro.js was born. It does one thing better than the others, it scales according to your layout.

jquery.ellipsis jquery.ellipsis makes it possible to hide content using ellipsis (...) or some other markup. After that is clicked, it will show rest of the content.

jsdelivr Search and URL retrieval from jsDelivr

mankees mankee see, mankee do

mankees-init Project initializer. Pass template and project name as parameters

mankees-tag Tags and updates your package.json. Pass version as a parameter

mankees-template Plugin template

mankees-update_deps Updates package.json dependencies to the newest

mocss Yet another CSS preprocessor

mojs JS precompiler with some extra syntax

mongoose-sugar Sugary bits for Mongoose

narrative.js narrative.js makes it easy to write narrative scripts

object-sugar Sugary bits for JS Object

parse-env Parses configuration from env

parsegh Parses url/git string and returns associated GitHub user and repository

pingdom-api Pingdom API client

png2ico Converts pngs to icos

readme2gh Github to index.html converter

rest-sugar rest-sugar makes it easy to implement yummy REST APIs

rest-sugar-client rest-sugar-client makes it easy to implement yummy clients for rest-sugar

setjs Set data structure

spyder Web indexer and scraper runner

stalbum [![build status](]( # stalbum

sugar-spec Sugar database query layer specification

suite.js A minimalistic testing tool

taskist Glues your project configuration and tasks together

webshotter Capture multiple screenshots per website

yayassg Yet another yet another static site generator

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