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break Fire events when certain media queries are entered and exited due to a window resize

browjadify Inject compiled jade templates as functions in browserify modules

Cap A language that compiles to JavaScript

crud-subservice Nest crud-services within crud-services

currency-symbol-map A function to lookup the currency symbol for a given currency code

darkroom-url-builder Build URLs for darkroom resources

directory-copy Copy the contents of one directory to another

directory-structure Create an empty directory structure

html-doc Generate html documentation from Markdown comments

jade-renderer Render a collection of Jade templated from one location to another

launch A command line deployment tool for sites/apps

logga A really simple logger with colours and conventional levels.

minj A js minifier middleware for connect/express

modal A modal window for the browser.

paged A paged/tabbed module for the browser

schemata Define, create, and validate your business objects, based on specified schema.

slida A slider module for the browser

slugg Make strings url safe (with no dependencies)

stylus-renderer Render a collection of stylus files from one place to another

validity-cf-image-context-selection Validity style validator to ensure that required image contexts are selected with an image widget array

validity-date-in-range Validity style validator to ensure a property is a date within a given range

validity-equal Validity style validator to ensure a property is equal to some primitive value

validity-number-in-range Validity style validator to ensure a property is numeric and within an upper and lower bound

validity-number-or-null Validity style validator to ensure a property is either null or numeric (and not NaN)

validity-payment-card-number Validity style validator to validate payment card numbers with the luhn algorithm

validity-unique-property Validity style validator to ensure a property is unique within entities available in a given collection

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