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chronometer a hive-mvc mixin to fire off events at given intervals

fools A functional rules system based on the promise pattern

four FOUR is a generalized library for time/space analysis. It allows you to build an array of time/space data and analyze it for patterns.

hexagony Calculate a hexagonal grid

hive-component `hive-component` is an npm base class that serves as a factory for the `hive-mvc` and `hive-loader` npm modules.

hive-configuration Simple light-weight configuration and setting module extending EventEmitter; branched from configuration (Thomas Fritz <>)

hive-loader Hive Loader is a component that digests and acts on a targeted directory. It is a self-sufficient component but its methods are also mixable into other components.

hive-menu This is a basic utility for assembling nested lists of links. No systems for rendering or ACL is presumed.

hive-model A local-memory model/database system for storing and retrieving object based data

hive-model-mongoose A model class that merged mongoose with the hive-model structure

hive-mvc a high level framework for large scale sites

hive-parser A JSON crawler that parses a JSON tree and responds to content patterns

hive-queen a directory spawner for hive-mvc

icosahedron read/write point, face and sector data for icosehedrons.

icosahedron-draw renders points of an icosahedron

leapjs JavaScript client for the Leap Motion Controller

node-dir-diff directory comparison for node.js using hive-loader

node-topography canvas-topography =================

node-topology canvas-topography =================

nuby-express A web framework based on Express, Ruby, MVC; emphasis on flexible, recursive directory loading

nuby-factory A utility for spawning functions or more advanced nuby-express packages.

objective-three a scene/multi-scene management system for three

order-by-prereq Order a series of items based on cross-requirements.

pg-helper a helper library for postgres

support A toolkit for node.js

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