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bfg Big Friendly Gateway creates a read and write stream to various cloud storage providers

bookmaker Create books from a folder of markdown files

c3d2 Droid factory - bootstrap a HTML5 android application quickly using a phonegap template

cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules

collaborator-map A redis based data structure that maps users and collaborators onto project names

component-github-proxy Download and compile components from github dynamically

cornershop Shopping cart that saves to LocalStorage.

country-slice An array of country data exposed that can be mapped or filtered

date-floor Like Math.floor but for Date objects

denver Create layers of ENV variables saved to etcd and deploy docker containers using them

digger command line tools for running digger nodes

digger-app Bootstrap a digger application from a YAML file

digger-blueprints Client side blueprint handler for digger

digger-bridge A client to server bridge for digger requests

digger-bundle A full featured digger-container with find, XML, contracts and radio

digger-client A bundle of digger-* modules that works well as a basic client for warehouses

digger-container A JQuery style array wrapper for JSON models

digger-contracts The contract factory for digger server requests

digger-files File uploader and CSV file importer for digger

digger-find The client side find function for digger container trees

digger-html-parser Process front-matter in .html files that loads data for ejs templates to use

digger-mailgun A digger supplier for the mailgun API

digger-meta-cache A warehouse that saves the tag, id and class meta data from all warehouses on the network into Redis

digger-mongo Mongo supplier for digger

digger-nestedset Abstract supplier for digger that knows left from right

digger-network The contract / request and reply modules for digger

digger-ntp Get the time from digger

digger-radio Pub/Sub client for digger-client

digger-reception The main query router for a network

digger-redis Redis backed lists of containers - no selectors but v fast at flat append remove from lists

digger-security-guard OAuth manager for digger servers - connects to a digger warehouse for storage

digger-selector The CSS selector parser used for digger

digger-serve A www server for a digger web application

digger-sockets SockJS connector for digger requests

digger-stack A service map for a digger network

digger-static A static digger supplier that selects the contents of xml, json and csv files in a folder

digger-supplier A database warehouse for

digger-supplychain The supply chain wrapper for transport layers

digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries

digger-warehouse The server side request handler for digger

digger-xml The XML parser for digger container data develop databases like a boss

diggerdb MongoDB tree database for

diggerpassport Wrapper for multiple passport routes on a diggerexpress app

etcdx etcd v2 client for node.js

goauth An express middleware that looks after user logins and authentication

gridsize Input a number N and get a {width:X,height:X} object for a grid with at least N cells

holdspartans A function list that will hold their position until a status bit is changed

housingproject A node.js cloud provisioner

html-include Process .html files as ejs templates from the document_root

imagemagickresizer A node library to resize images using ImageMagick

jdat A wrapper for an array of models with a JQuery like syntax

jquarry A database abstraction layer

json-fields JSON.parse and JSON.stringify for certain properties of an object

lem telemetry database for time-series data using LevelDB and node.js

len Calendar database for of resource bookings in leveldb

merge-dirs node module to synchronously and recursively merge files from one folder to another

method-router Return a filter function for http-requests for get,post,put,delete - works well with routes-router

miniware The smallest middleware implementation in the world

npmboiler An NPM module boilerplate

pagemaker merges together markdown with a HTML template

pigeonhole A hierarchical data store

pingstat System monitor event emitter

quicknpm Quickly bootstrap a node module folder layout

raspivid node.js read stream for h.264 data from the raspberry PI camera module

rationalnestedset rational nested set tree encoder

ravens node.js contact form handler using ReCaptcha

spawn-args Turn a string of command line options into an array for child_process.spawn

streamworks Run a nested collection of streams in pipe or merge configurations

supermodels Create access functions for an object that has an array of models as a property

telegraft node.js ZEROMQ mesh network

textmail Send emails using mailgun and plain text templates

time-resolutions A collection of time resolutions in milliseconds

timestamp-range An object representing 2 timestamps - i.e. a 'gap' in time

timestamp-series Get an array of timestamps between 2 points with a configurable resolution

turboexpress A quick way to get a node.js express website running

twitter-profile Returns a twitter profile object when given some oauth details for a twitter user

vapour A node.js cloud provisioner

viking Docker PaaS Platform for node.js applications

wholesaler Digger based app for running online shops

yoda etcd mesh force is

youtube-search-cli CLI script that searches youtube

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