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airbrake-notice Easy creation of Airbrake (or errbit) error notifications from Node.js or the browser

dfrrd An ultra-simple Deferred (Promises/A) implementation for Node and the browser.

git-upstream-watch Get notified when one or more local git repos diverge from the upstream tracking branch

grove JS core tools for Pebbles apps using Grove

jade-runtime A slightly modified version of Jade's runtime.js that works in a browser environment.

pather A window.location listener with added relish

pebbles Core tools for Pebbles applications (see

pebbles-backbone Use pebbles.js with your Backbone models

poll A simple poller

prevent-default Prevent-default decorator for DOM listeners

quickreload A tiny thing to tell the browser to reload css / javascript when files are changed on disk

repeat Repeat.js is a javascript library that makes working with repeated actions pure joy by removing the need for setTimeout/setInterval and somewhat error prone timer references

route-pattern Generic Sinatra/Backbone style route pattern matching

sprig Tiny, efficient DOM components

tiramisu Tiramisu client module for browsers

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