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automation Modular, event-driven home automation library

blade Blade - HTML Template Compiler, inspired by Jade & Haml

browserify-cache Easily cache Browserify bundles

connect-request-timeout Request timeout middleware for Express/Connect

intel-hex A JavaScript parser/writer for Intel HEX file format.

mysql-queues Wraps 'mysql' to provide mulitple query queues, allowing support for multiple statements and transactions.

node-hid USB HID device access library

static-asset Static asset manager for Node.JS and Express

step-error Plugin for Creationix's flow control library (step) for global error handling

stride A step-like flow control library for Node.js

trivial-port Node.js library to open serial ports for reading and writing

twilio-api Add voice and SMS messaging capabilities to your Node.JS applications with node-twilio-api - a high-level Twilio helper library to make Twilio API requests, handle incoming requests, and generate TwiML

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