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aligned-buffer Create aligned buffers to make faster disk io with less iops

backpack Fast storage engine for millions of small files

backpack-coordinator Coordination service for backpack cluster.

backpack-replicator Reliably replicate files between backpack instances.

custom-debug You have no need to fix your daemon's init scripts to enable debugging and profiling on the fly

drone-ps3-controller Control your ar.drone with ps3 controller.

empty-gif Buffer with transparent 1x1 gif image

fb-js Facebook api for node.js done right, built on top of facebook-js.

locker Full-featured client for locker lock server with timeouts support

locker-server lock server written in node.js

lzf lzf compression module for nodejs

mess Mess is Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm implementation for node.js

multiparter multipart/form-data POST request maker for nodejs

pupergrep Real-time grep for your logs right in your favorite modern browser made with Twitter Bootstrap.

replicate-http Replicate remote files by webdav protocol.

simple_redis Node.js client for simple redis (free redis instances).

twitter_bot Twitter Bot is parent class for your twitter project that needs to iterate followers eternally (see @listwatcher and @unfollowr)

vk Vkontakte module for node.js

zabbix-agent-client client for zabbix-agent communication

zk-redis-queue Truly distributed and parallel parallel queue on top of redis and zookeeper without SPoF.

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