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automodule automagically include submodules or create static include scripts

cmdsrv simple text protocol command server

continuous Event based utility for setTimeout and setInterval

couple Couple is an event based collaboration of NodeJS, Express, Socket.IO, Jade and Stylus

dogapi Datadog API Node.JS Client

learncards Easily create flash cards for learning anything

ledger Event based utility for logging to stdout, file or database.

node-kestrel Kestrel client module for NodeJS

node-units Node.JS unit conversion library with customizable units

nodelua Lua Bindings For Node.JS

response-codes Extends http.ServerResponse to include status code functions.

shapeways node.js module for accessing the Shapeways Api

tommygun HTTP Benchmarking Tool

v8type Expose V8 C++ type checking to JS

wgdb Bindings for WhiteDB (wgdb)

yaps Yet Another Plugin Server

yaps-body Body parser plugin for YAPS

yaps-cookies Cookie management plugin for YAPS

yaps-sessions Session management plugin for YAPS

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