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channel-cycler ```js // Create: var cc = new ChannelCycler(['0.png', '1.png', '2.png', '3.png']);

easy-exec Because I keep copying and pasting this all over the place like some kind of animal.

ghost-mouse Drive a faux-mouse from code, maybe as part of a tutorial or whatever.

haw An alternative to `hem`

image-stack ERROR: No file found!

marking-surface Marking surface ===============

navigable ERROR: No file found!

nylon Nylon =====

publisssh Sync a directory ----------------

silver-server ERROR: No file found!

t7e T7e ===

title-shortcut-handler Just listen to `keydown`s:

you-are-a-runner Run Jasmine tests without an HTML file

zooniverse Some terminology ================

zooniverse-readymade Zooniverse-readymade is a library that builds basic Zooniverse projects out of a fairly straightforward configuration. The `zooniverse-readymade` command initializes, serves, and builds those projects.

zootorial zootorial

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