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agi AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) for writing dialplan scripts

amazon-queue A more idiomatic interface to Amazon SQS

ami asterisk ami client

array-reader Read forwards and backwards in an array

bbl padded bbl

bencher Benchmarkin' library

breader length-marked binary protocol reader

buffer-slice slice a buffer into an array of sub buffers

buffer-writer a fast, efficient buffer writer

cloned clones a module at the given revision

deprecate Mark methods as deprecated and warn the user when they're called

dogpile Dogpile cache an async function be called at once max

drain an event drain (sink) to easy async testing

either one either one or the other event do something once

express-domain-middleware wrap express request/response with node domains

forky node-forky ==========

gelf-encode Encode json into GELF compliant binary buffer(s)

gonna callback trigger for testing

hacker-news-parser parser for hacker news comments

heroku-env heroku-env ===============

keeper Work In Progress ORM

level-readable leveldb readable stream over the network

logged json logging to stdout

make-emitter event emitter constructor factory

memory-socket An in-memory implementation of net.Socket for use in testing

nsq-worker Opinionated 'background job' worker framework fed by nsq

nsqueue node.js client for nsq

okay error check nested callbacks with domain support


packet-reader Read binary packets...

packit dead simple, magic free asset packaging

pdf-text Extract an array of text chunks from a pdf

pdf3json A PDF file parser that converts PDF binaries to text based JSON, powered by porting a fork of PDF.JS to Node.js

pg PostgreSQL client - pure javascript & libpq with the same API

pg-copy Copy data between PostgreSQL databases WITH STREEEEAAAMS

pg-copy-streams Low-Level COPY TO and COPY FROM streams for PostgreSQL in JavaScript using

pg-copy-table streaming table copy from one postgres database to another

pg-cursor node-pg-cursor ==============

pg-key-value-stream Stream of key value pairs from postgres, kind like leveldb, but...better?

pg-parse-float restore parseFloat behavior to node-postgres (pg) - can be used as a reference for implementing other type parsing addons

pg-query Execute postgres queries simply.

pg-query-stream Postgres query result returned as readable stream

pg-readable High level shortcut to a readable query result stream for PostgreSQL

pg-types Query result type converters for node-postgres

pg.js node-postgres without the bindings

proxied http proxy supporting pause()

proxynova fetches a list of proxies from

proxz fetch http proxies from

querybox A box for your queries

relational ERROR: No file found!

sql sql builder

stream-reader read the next object off a readable object stream and work on it. Domain safe and battle tested.

string-list Read forwards and backwards in an array of strings

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

tailed evented file tailing (tail -f + EventEmitter)

test-dir run directories of tests using 'require'

udp-client Send fire-and-forget UDP

xo not quite ready for prime time

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