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ascii-webkit A retro ascii renderer for WebKit.

caesar-cipher Useless but fun. A quick implementation of the Caesar Cipher.

character-stream I stream a file one character at a time.

cordova Cordova command line interface tool

crd Chrome Remote Debugging

css-slap-chop remove unused css selectors

dos-billion-laughs Test for the Billion Laughs DoS attack.

dos-fork-bomb Your friendly Fork Bomb DoS attack module.

embarassing-code-foobar ERROR: No file found!

foonan ERROR: No file found!

page-slide Browserify friendly version of coenraets PageSlider

phonegap-serve experimental, things will break/explode

pidgeon-park Recurse directories of markdown and output :wHTML.

plugman install/uninstall Cordova plugins

prettyfy Quick and dirty port of Google's Code Prettyfier to NodeJS/NPM.

s4 super simple storage solution: aws s3 client

shimsham Browserify shim for Backbone, Zepto, and Lodash.

topcoat CSS for clean and fast web apps

topcoat-grid simple grid built on css flex

vernam-cipher A toy Vernam Cipher implementation.

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