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altcaps Alternating caps, like a myspace teenager from 2001.

balrog static site generator

balrog-meta-htmlcomment Extract metadata from files by looking at a leading comment!

base64url For encoding to/from base64urls

bitreader Generic, space efficient parser with sugar for digesting strings, ints, etc.

bitwriter A better interface for writing bytes to Buffers

bleach.js A tree-walking HTML sanitizer, modeled after the python `bleach` library.

buffer-crc32 A pure javascript CRC32 algorithm that plays nice with binary data

cleansocket Cleans up old sockets before listening

cmdserver client/server command line apps made easy

dataurl Tools for dealing with DataURLs

fileliststream Convert a DOM FileList to a FileListStream. Uses a FileReader to read the data of each file as a stream.

filereader-stream Read an HTML5 File object (from e.g. HTML5 drag and drops) as a stream.

filesystem-browserify node's fs in yo' browser

gogo nosql for sql, no sleep till brooklyn. don't use this yet

gov Node.js server manager

habitat Small library for managing environment variables

htmlsanitizer A wrapper for calling

husort Human-readable filesize sorter

hyperproxy Transparently proxy to local ports or sockets with advanced routing.

hyperproxy-cli A CLI for hyperproxy

iterator-stream An adapter for making any iterator streaming

junkdrawer Shitty Simple Storage

junkdrawer-cli CLI for any junkdrawer server

jwa JWA implementation (supports all JWS algorithms)

jws Implementation of JSON Web Signatures

messina Utility for getting logs into Graylog2

muntz Request connection mocking library

mysql-stream-db Streaming MySQL ORM

nvm Install and managing different versions of node and installing local versions into repos.

oneshot Tiny little server for making one request and shutting down. Useful for testing.

oort sweet cloud action. don't use this yet

openbadges-bakery Tools for baking and debaking openbadge images

openbadges-validator openbadges validation tools

sandwich Iterator generator for getting ordered combinations of items

streampng Streaming PNG encoder/decoder, compatible with latest PNG extensions (PNGEXT 1.4.0)

streamsql Streaming SQL ORM

throttle-function Takes a function, returns a function that will can only be called a certain amount of times per second.

urlglob Glob-like pattern matching on URLs

zlib-browserify Wrapper for zlib.js to allow for browserifyication

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