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accumasync accumulate values asynchronously

beast provides a timer'd loop with hooks producing various animated effects

bttn construct click functionality around an element

bttnsys construct click functionality around grouped elements

compareobj Compare objects or json strings.

console-progress Flexible ascii progress bar

curved provides values from a 'curved' set

docclick returns document click events to a function

domchilds methods for most common scenarious involving child elements

domev cancel events. obtain elements from events.

domlt obtain [left, top] from an element

domopacity modify the opacity of an element

domscroll return window scroll position, scroll window

domwh obtain [width, height] from an element or window

elemst handle the state of an element in the document.

eventhook add and remove functions to events on named-properties

eventhookmulti add and remove functions to multiple time-throttled string-named events

eventpublish add, rm and fire string-associated event functions

form-urlencoded Encodes `x-www-form-urlencoded` string data

http-redirect proxy requests to an ip-address or url

incrnum a magically incrementing number value

json-locale Unicode Consortium JSON locale files.

juicy-cookie provides methods for creating and accessing browser cookie data

lazycon chain together lazy constructors

lockfn Collection of function locking objects.

lsn Add and remove listener events on elements in the document.

mlcm find the least common multiple among numbers

objobjwalk walk the object definitions of an object, modify them with a function.

optfn Handles optional callbacks in node.js-style functions receiving them.

page-deploy deploy page-object data and pattern files

pathjoin join paths

pathpublic yields a 'public' filepath from a filepath and a public dirpath

resolutiondppx Get the pixel-based resolution of the host device.

rm-mediaquery remove all mediaquery from a stylesheet

rocktimer A timer. Add callbacks to the finish event. Easily start/stop and extend the time.

screenpop A simple and customizable popup.

scroungejs compress, concatenate and/or timestamp your files as part of a build process for your web site.

sessionbrowser independently manage a session object with browser cookies and timeouts

simpleconvert-xml Convert to and from xml to javascript object

simpletime Convert to and from various time formats. Get manipulated time values.

specle spec pattern implementation

worldtime Convert to and from various worldtime formats. Get manipulated time values.

xdrgo cross-site http requests in your browser script

xhrgo use an xhr object for common http requests in your browser script

xhrgoform use an xhr object for common http requests in your browser script

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