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cube-eds-poller Fetch environmental data from an EDS 1-Wire device and inject it into Cube

debuggable Listen to objects.

filters 1D noise reduction filters

hostsfile Make changes to /etc/hosts

inpath Find executable in path

ircbridge Bridges IRC to JSON-RPC over UDP (client library).

ircbridged Bridges IRC to JSON-RPC over UDP (server component).

iso8601 Parse and print ISO8601 dates

kext Check for and load Mac OS X kernel extensions

mole Like 1Password for ssh tunnels and VPN connections, plus sharing within a team.

mole-server Server side components for Mole

ntpd_status Get status information from ntpd

openconnect Handle Cisco SSL VPNs with OpenConnect

pidof Get PID of a running process

snmp-native A native Javascript SNMP implementation for Node.js

sudo Wrap sudo with optional password cache

vpnc Cisco VPN connector / vpnc wrapper

yacon Yet another colored console logger.

yardstick Cyclomatic dependency calculator for Javascript

yatf Yet another ASCII table formatter

zfs A Node.js wrapper around zfs/zpool

zsnapper A ZFS snapshot service

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