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angular-router Express router for angular

anvil-cli Anvil client for node

architect-browserify Browserify plugin for Architect

architect-express Express plugin for Architect

architect-express-resource Allows other architect plugins to create resources through sub apps

architect-express-static Static folder configuration for Express/Architect

architect-logger Winston plugin for Architect

architect-request Request plugin for Architect

architect-stylus Stylus plugin for Architect

architect-validator Validator for Architect

browser-env Share process.env variables with the browser

coffee-dsl CoffeeScript DSL View Engine

collection-json Collection+JSON Client

component-autoload Autoloader for poe apps

component-filter Filters for component build

component-github-content-api Component remote interface to the GitHub content API

component-json Component plugin for JSON files

component-link Link functionality for component

connect-base Get the base url for Express/Connect

connect-metric Middleware that exposes metric for logging in the context of a user

consulate consulate [![Build Status](]( =========

consulate-authcode-simple-secrets simple-secrets authcode plugin for consulate

consulate-authcode-simple-secrets-redis Redis backend for consulate-authcode-simple-secrets

consulate-scopes-env Load scopes from process.env for consulate

consulate-scrypt scrypt password hashing plugin for consulate

consulate-simple-secrets simple-secrets token plugin for consulate

consulate-validate-redirect-uri Simple, secure redirect-uri check with wildcard support for consulate

cscj Collection+JSON Views in CoffeeScript

empty-favicon Serve an empty favicon

env-builder Build environment variables with inheritance

env-builder-cli CLI for env-builder

env-builder-fs Filesystem adapter for env-builder

env-builder-github GitHub backend for env-builder

envs Track environment variable usage

grappler Pluggable deploy system

grappler-deploy-heroku Heroku plugin for grappler

grappler-hook-github GitHub plugin for grappler

grappler-logger-stdout Stdout logger plugin for grappler

heroku-provider Reusable Heroku provision API app

http-metric Measure HTTP requests

hyper-path Traverse a hyper api

hyperagent hyper+json client for node.js and the browser

hypertest test a hyper+json API

jsont Simple json template language

lig Little log aggregator

metric-log Log metrics with 'key=value'

netrc Parse netrc files

nghtml Component plugin for Angular.js Templates

pack-n-stack Distributable and configurable middleware stacks

passport-heroku-sso Passport strategy for heroku addon sso

pivot Simple feature, multi-variant and A/B testing

poe-assets-proxy Share assets across applications

poe-deploy A simple deploy application with GitHub and Heroku integration

poe-ui high-productivity collection of tools and practices for rapidly writing production-ready applications

poe-ui-kit A starter kit for poe user interface applications

redisurl Create a redis client from a url

require-component Require component and npm modules

rework-modules Rework plugin for modular css

riemann-error-handler Send errors to Riemann

riemann-node-response-time Send response times to Riemann

riemann-response-time Send response times to Riemann

scaff Agnostic scaffolding framework

simple-assets Hash a folder and output a mapping

simple-cart Simple, hypermedia driven shopping cart API.

simple-db Simple bucket/key-value adapters

simple-http-proxy Simple proxy middleware

simple-riemann Reusable Riemann client for node.js

simple-stack Default stack for a simple API

simple-stack-api Default stack for a simple API

simple-stack-common Common stack for a 'simple' application

simple-stack-ui UI simple stack

simple-ui high-productivity collection of tools and practices for rapidly writing production-ready applications

stack-angular Default Angular.js Stack for Express/Connect

startup Node.js HTTP app runner

superagent-defaults Create some defaults for superagent requests

superagent-metric-logger HTTP call profiling for superagnet

throttled-log Throttled console.log

url-pack url packing for js

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