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bee-hive Spawn, manage and monitor multiple node.js child_process-es with ease.

bunyan-raven A bunyan-compatible stream interface that sends error logs to raven-node.

bunyan-reltime Filter bunyan logs using relative time.

chai-signature Chai.js extensions to help with function precondition testing.

chunker Chunk/split your stream without eating the splitter char.

connect-requestid Connect middleware that adds a unique id to each request.

down Yes, staring at your console while github's down is definitely time well spent. Oh, and it works with other site too!

fingi Official Fingi CLI tool.

fts Fast fuzzy unicode full-text-search backed with redis.

harvest-status Simple command-line tool to poll the harvest status API.

have Have your arguments, and validate it too. -- Slick arguments validator for all your js functions.

icu-wordsplit Node.js bindings to the ICU (50.1) project boundary analysis module. Useful for breaking/splitting up words in many many international languages.

jam JAM your async calls together *faster*

mocha-subject Convenience setup/teardown function for mocha.

msgpack-js-v5 msgpack encoder and decoder in pure javascript based on creationix/msgpack-js updated to match the new v5 specification with string support.

peekstream Peek into a fixed-size window on your streams, useful for logging and debugging.

randstream A stream that emits endless series of random bytes, with proper backpressure support.

redis-wrapper Provides a simple class/mixin as base for when you need to wraps a redis client (or provide API that does) via a use() method

request-partial mikeal/request with partial applicable options.

route-table Put your routes in its own file and use route-table to parses it.

simple-acl Simple ACL. 'nuff said.

tcpmole Cmd line tool and CommonJS module for performing quick-and-dirty TCP tunneling/proxy to another machine. Useful for working with services running on remote machines.

timer-shim Test-friendly timer function replacements.

uneval uneval approximation for node.js/v8. convert objects to code. don't use if you don't know all the things that could go wrong with this.

xrequire eXtended Require: Folder requires and index.js toolkit.

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