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a-wild-version-appears sometimes versions happen and you want to alert your users

aabb-2d 2d axis aligned bounding boxes

aabb-3d 3d axis aligned bounding boxes

add-event-listener add event listeners in IE and ... everywhere else

ancestors return a list of all of a DOM nodes parents, optionally filtered

beefy local development server that aims to make using browserify fast and fun

bops buffer operations

browservefy quicky http server to test out browserify changes rapidly

chunk-stream break up chunks into smaller chunks of size N on the way through

chunky-rice decode binary streams into PNG chunk objects and back into binary

clone-packages clone packages from one repo to another

collide-2d-tilemap 2d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

collide-3d-tilemap 3d tilemap collisions made simple-ish

convert-buffer stream to convert from list type a to list type b

cssauron create matching selectors from css for your very own nested object hierarchy

cssauron-esprima plain esprima bindings for cssauron

cssauron-falafel falafel bindings for cssauron

cssauron-glsl cssauron language for glsl asts from glsl-parser

cssauron-html css sauron config for html

cssauron-json css sauron config for json

dom-event-stream create a readable stream of dom events given an element

dom-replace-html-stream a writable stream that replaces the innerHTML of a given dom element on writes.

dom-value-stream transform domevents into values

domnode-dom DOMNode streams for HTMLElements

drag-stream streamable mouse drag data

drive.js js test driving with style

dst determine if a date is in daylight savings time

emit-function because i get tired of typing EE.prototype.emit.bind.bind(EE.prototype.emit)

escaperoute A node.js router that implements reverse matching

estate aggregate state on a single event emitter

ever-delegate add event delegation to ever event emitters

every an event emitter for integer-based millisecond steps

exuent call a callback when all passed streams have ended or any stream has errored

fffield given a dom element, turn it into a X/Y cursor input

find-global-packages find all global packages, list them by directory

fullscreen fullscreen polyfill api that presents an event emitter

get-github-token prompt the user for credentials for a github oauth token

git-apply-delta apply delta buffer to target buffer

git-autoregister-odb autoregister git object databases

git-create-delta create git deltas between two buffers

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

git-fs-repo filesystem backed git repository

git-list-objects list all git objects (in recency order)

git-list-pack create a readable stream of a packfile's contents, sans an index file

git-load-refs stream of git refs given a stream of paths and fs.Stats

git-object-blob parse and create git blob objects

git-object-commit parse and create git commit objects

git-object-hash turn git objects into 40 character hex hashes

git-object-tag parse and create git tag objects

git-object-tree parse and create git tree objects

git-objectify-pack transform offset+data bits into full git objects

git-odb object database manager for git

git-odb-loose git loose object database

git-odb-pack git packfile object database

git-pack-objects pack objects based on output from git-list-objects

git-packed-ref-parse streaming git packed-ref parser

git-packfile git packfile library for looking up and decoding git objects

git-packidx-parser git pack index file parser

git-parse-human parse author and committer names from git commits

git-read-pkt-line read git packet lines (for smart protocol)

git-to-js translate git raw objects into javascript objects

git-transport-protocol a r/w stream that wraps a r/w stream and formats the data according to the git transfer protocol

git-walk-refs create a readable stream of git commits

git-walk-tree walk a git tree represented by a git commit

git-write-pkt-line write git packet lines (for smart remote protocol)

glsl-deparser through stream that translates glsl-parser AST nodes into working glsl code

glsl-extract extract uniforms and attributes from glsl programs

glsl-min-stream through stream that transforms glsl-parser AST nodes and rewrites variables into shorter forms

glsl-parser transform streamed glsl tokens into an ast

glsl-tilemap glsl tilemap based roughly on tojicode's tilemap examples

glsl-tokenizer r/w stream of glsl tokens

glslify command line glsl module system builder

glslify-stream create a readable stream of glsl ast nodes that produce a module system

glslmin CLI tool to minify glsl programs

guardians because "that ship has sailed"

inflate pure javascript inflate implemented as a through stream

inflate-until take buffer chunks until the inflated result is === size

interact a readable stream of mouse view events, wrapping up pointer-lock and drag-stream

jabbascript an experiment in lightweight syntactical additions to javascript

jik use css selectors to grep your JS codebase

jsl a modular js linter

json-parse-stream streaming json parser

junction-stream through stream that redirects writes to one of two child streams

kb-controls present a polling interface for keyboard state given a binding object

keyframely A rewrite of KuraFire's runloop plugin designed to work without jQuery

ls-stream readable stream of file paths + stat objects

mkup transparently insert metadata chars into a string at offsets without affecting the overall offset

module-stream locate a module, immediately returning a read stream for file data

narrativ Kind of a rip off of Docco

normalize-css normalize.css (from

ormnomnom Another ORM for Node, supporting sqlite and postgres

phone-sensor turn your phone into a sensor for great justice.

piano require-hook for instrumenting your code

pick-at-it a browserify module that exposes a color picker as a readable stream

pin-it pin object updates to the dom

plate A javascript templating language

platoon A javascript asynchronous testing framework

pointer-cursor synthesized mouse cursor

pointer-lock pointer lock polyfill that presents an eventemitter / stream api

pooled mutate constructors into a poolable form

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