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porcelain node.js helpers for plate templating language

programify given several glsl files as input, produce a require'able JS module exporting a program object as output

protobuf-parser protobuf specification parser. streaming.

raf requestAnimationFrame polyfill library

redispump pump stdout to redis

reverse match regex routes in reverse

rewrite-js CLI tool to transform javascript programs using falafel

runforcover require plugin for js code coverage using bunker

scoped command line tool exposing lexical-scope

seasons generate and display changes in code across commits

shader.js simple shader library for webgl + browserify

shortest given an input character set, create an iterator function that returns the next shortest string available

sparser streaming javascript tokenizer/parser

spatial-events 3d spatially-aware event emitter

spatial-trigger enter/exit events for bounding boxes based on events from spatial-events

sse-stream expose html5 server sent events (sse) as a writable stream

static-assets cli tool for slurping up assets and plopping them into a directory

stream-disconnect disconnect all listeners for a given stream without closing

tar-parse streaming tar parser

tempisfugit a native node.js git client

texture.js browserify module for webgl textures

to-utf8 single-function form of node's Buffer.toString(utf8)

tracejs Expand Error.stack traces into usable objects providing context and highlighting

typed-concat-stream concat-stream, but for outputting typed arrays

tz sniff for timezone info using pure JS

utensil a utensil to fork and monitor servers across cpus

varint protobuf-style varint bytes - use msb to create integer values of varying sizes

vkey map ev.keyCode to human names

voxel-camera-mount camera mount for voxeljs

voxel-control manipulate voxel-physical objects in a fps-style fashion

voxel-physical create objects that have aabbs and respond to accel and vel updates

voxel-physical-camera physical camera for voxel-engine

w3c-blob w3c dom blob api in node and browser

walk-dag walk a directed acyclic graph

zigzag zigzag signed integer encoding and decoding

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