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balancing-request An extension to request that creates a balancing URL request stream.

balancing-url A URL class to randomise URLs

barnacle-mode Build up an object with streams

barnacle-view A transform stream to take an object and output it to a HTTP response

browser-id-verify Verify BrowserID assertion

email-stream Build a raw email with streams

encode-quoted-printable Encode a string to a quoted printable format for emails

find-hashtags Extracts the hashtags from a string

ftybr Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Router)

ftybr-add-to-req Add data to request

ftybr-add-to-res Add data to response

ftybr-parse-formdata Parse Form Data (PHP style)

ftybr-pg Ftybr middleware for PG

ftybr-pg-session Ftybr middleware for Postgresql sessions

gedcom-stream A GEDCOM file parser.

http-view-stream Transform stream to http response

idp-facebook OAuth2 Facebook Client

idp-github OAuth2 Github Client

idp-google OAuth2 Google ID Client

idp-persona Persona client

lookup-webmention-server Discover the webmention server for a given URL

mime-base64-stream Stream data to base64 wrapped at 76 characters

mime-headers Build an object of MIME conformant headers and output as string

mime-multipart-stream Create a readable stream composed of multiple parts of an overall MIME multipart section

mime-part-stream Transform an input stream to a single part of an overall multipart MIME message

pg-sugar Sugar on top of pg

presto Convenience methods added to the response object: renderText, renderJSON and redirect

quoted-printable-stream Stream text input to quoted printable

rimy-arse-parapet Pipe stream array

sandwich-stream A readable stream that concatenates multiple streams with optional head, tail & join buffers

sessions-pg-store Postgresql Store for the Sessions module

stomp-emitter EventEmitter like interface for a stomp client

stream-to-hbs-partial Stream a directory and register them as Handlebars partials

stream-to-precompiled-hbs Stream a directory to precompiled handlebars array

webmention-client A client to ping webmention servers

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