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alea Implementation of the Alea PRNG by Johannes Baag√łe

auto-convert Runs the specified conversion scripts automagically

browserify-fullscreen Browserify module for the HTML5 Fullscreen API

browserify-mime A comprehensive library for mime-type mapping (with browserify support)

broxy Simple proxy script, to make it easy to set up a quick HTTP(s) proxy from the command line

clusterify A simple executable script to easily cluster an app

dropbox-fwd Forward to dropbox

figgy A simple config file library

filesocket-client ERROR: No file found!

filesocket-server ERROR: No file found!

inflate-stream Inflates streams of DEFLATE-encoded data

ip-check A simple utility for getting the public IP address of your server

jquest Easily get JSON responses via HTTP

jsmail A simple all-in-one email server, client, and web frontend

json-chunk-reader A reader for newline-separated JSON strings

jzon A simple wrapper for JSON functions to return errors instead of throw

mkee Makes event emitters.

mkstream Makes streams

pathy Finds executable files for the current PATH variable

pkzip-parser Parses PKZIP formatted files.

proxify A simple http proxy server

realtime A simple app server

remoter A simple http response handler to proxy http requests via AJAX with CORS

simple-reader A simple buffered stream reader

snatch Snatches the contents of a stream

sort_by Schwartzian transform for js

stat-all-the-things Stats all the things

whobe A simple whois library

wsftp WebSocket file transfer protocol

wsftp-client ERROR: No file found!

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