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async-foreach An optionally-asynchronous forEach with an interesting interface.

exit A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.

findup-sync Find the first file matching a given pattern in the current directory or the nearest ancestor directory.

getobject get.and.set.deep.objects.easily = true

glob-whatev A quick and dirty file globbing utility based on minimatch.

globule An easy-to-use wildcard globbing library.

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.

grunt-contrib The entire grunt-contrib suite.

grunt-contrib-clean Clean files and folders.

grunt-contrib-coffee Compile CoffeeScript files to JavaScript.

grunt-contrib-compass Compile Sass to CSS using Compass

grunt-contrib-compress Compress files and folders.

grunt-contrib-concat Concatenate files.

grunt-contrib-connect Start a connect web server.

grunt-contrib-copy Copy files and folders.

grunt-contrib-csslint Lint CSS files.

grunt-contrib-cssmin Compress CSS files.

grunt-contrib-handlebars Precompile Handlebars templates to JST file.

grunt-contrib-htmlmin Minify HTML

grunt-contrib-imagemin Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images

grunt-contrib-internal Internal tasks for managing the grunt-contrib project.

grunt-contrib-jade Compile Jade templates.

grunt-contrib-jasmine Run jasmine specs headlessly through PhantomJS.

grunt-contrib-jshint Validate files with JSHint.

grunt-contrib-jst Precompile Underscore templates to JST file.

grunt-contrib-less Compile LESS files to CSS.

grunt-contrib-lib Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

grunt-contrib-livereload Reload assets live in the browser

grunt-contrib-mincss Compress CSS files.

grunt-contrib-nodeunit Run Nodeunit unit tests.

grunt-contrib-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance.

grunt-contrib-requirejs Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js.

grunt-contrib-sass Compile Sass to CSS

grunt-contrib-stylus Compile Stylus files to CSS.

grunt-contrib-symlink Create symbolic links.

grunt-contrib-uglify Minify files with UglifyJS.

grunt-contrib-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file patterns are added, changed or deleted.

grunt-contrib-yuidoc Compile YUIDoc Documentation.

grunt-foo-sample The best sample grunt tasks ever.

grunt-init Generate project scaffolding from a template.

grunt-legacy-util Deprecated Grunt utils provided for backwards compatibility.

grunt-lib-contrib Common functionality shared across grunt-contrib tasks.

grunt-lib-legacyhelpers Some old grunt helpers provided for backwards compatability.

grunt-lib-phantomjs Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree.

grunt-sample The best sample grunt tasks ever.

grunt-testing123 The best Grunt plugin ever.

herpderp Testing to see how npm handles publishing/installing pre-release versions.

hooker Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff.

htmlslice An HTML-aware String#slice.

jqbuild A command line build tool for jQuery plugins.

jquery-plugin The best jQuery plugin ever.

linken like "npm link" but maybe easier or something.

npm-issue-3958-workaround An attempt to work around npm issue 3958

prolog An event- and stream-aware logger for pros. Meaning, professionals.

testing123 The best project ever.

toc Linkify HTML headers and generate a TOC.

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