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architect A Simple yet powerful plugin system for node applications

architect-agent This is the rpc agent for the architect plugin framework

architect-fake-transports This is a fake transport useful for unit tests without real tcp.

architect-socket-transport This is a tcp + msgpack based transport for architect-agent

bodec bodec =====

bops-browser A version of chrisdickinson/bops just for browser

brozula Lua VM for running luajit bytecode in JavaScript

buffer-tools buffer-tools ============

c9 Cloud9 Local is out-of-order temporarily while we clean up the backend.

chrome-app-module-loader A module loader that lets you load npm modules from a chrome app

cifre Fast crypto toolkit for modern client-side JavaScript

connect High performance middleware framework

continuable-uv A continuable style interface for node.js APIs

corn Corn is a simple async template language for node

couch-client A Simple, Fast, and Flexible CouchDB Client

creationix Creationix is a meta package for my personal packages

detectindent A tiny library to detect the indent format used in a source file

dombuilder An easy dombuilder using json-ml style syntax

domlog A simple on-screen logger using dombuilder to create elements.

embedder A simple tool to combine several node modules into a single script.

embedder-sync A simple tool to combine several node modules into a single script.

fastqueue A fast push/shift sync queue

gen-run Generator Async Runner. Makes it possible to yield and wait for callbacks and thunks.

git-chrome-local-db A git db implementation using

git-db-fs A git db implementation that builds on top of git-fs instance.

git-fetch A codec for fetching a git repo over tcp.

git-fs Git as a filesystem.

git-fs-db A js-git interface adapter that implements db using fs.

git-fs-html5 git-fs implementation using window.requestFileSystem

git-http A git http platform implementation that sits on top of a tcp connection

git-hydrate-pack hydrate deltafied pack objects in a git pack stream

git-localdb A localStorage db for js-git.

git-memdb An in-memory js-git database.

git-net JS-Git adapter to create remote instances from urls and platforms.

git-node A convenience wrapper for js-git preconfigured for node.js

git-node-platform A js-git platform implementation for node.js

git-pack-codec Encoder and Decoder for gitfile streams for js-git.

git-pkt-line pkt-line encoder and decoder as min-stream

git-publish-http A helper for using git-publisher in an HTTP server.

git-publisher A js-git addon that makes it easy to publish repos.

git-repo A local git repository using any pluggable backend.

git-sha1 A pure JS SHA1 implementation created for js-git.

git-zlib zlib packaged in a format for js-git

glfw Simple glfw3 bindings for node

grain Grain is an async framework for node.js template languages

haml Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side templating language.

http-codec http-codec =====================

http-parser-js A pure JS HTTP parser for node.

jack-lang Jack Language

js-git Git Implemented in JavaScript

js-git-node A sample CLI tool using js-git for node.js

js-git-node-platform Platform for js-git to run on node.js

js-github An implementation of the js-git interface that mounts a live github repo.

js-linker A library that searches for require calls in js code and links them together into a single script.

jsgit A command-line git client powered by js-git and node.js

jsgit-pull A simple-stream transform that implements the git pull protocol over a socket.

jsondb A disk-based json database for node

jsonparse This is a pure-js JSON streaming parser for node.js

kernel A simple async template language similair to dustjs and mustache

leb128-frame Protocol stream message framing/deframing using LEB128 encoded length headers

min-fs A node.js implementation of the min-stream and continuable based fs interface for js-git.

min-stream A meta-package for min-stream helper modules.

min-stream-chrome min-stream bindings for chrome packaged apps

min-stream-node node stream to min-stream adapters

min-stream-pkt-line A pkt-line codec packaged as a min-stream push-filter.

min-stream-uv Min-Stream bindings for node's raw libuv bindings.

min-tcp A min-stream tcp interface for js-git and node.js

mine Digs into a javascript file looking for require calls. Used to statically extract common js dependencies.

msgpack-js msgpack encoder and decoder in pure javascript

msgpack-js-browser A msgpack encoder and decoder using ArrayBuffer and DataView

nko-test This is a test

nog Nog is a node powered web log

nstore nStore is a simple, in-process key/value database for node.js.

nstore-cache Cache addon for nStore

nstore-query Query Addon for nStore

nStoreSession Connect session store using nStore

pattern Simple Prototype Objects as Patterns.

pdl PDL bindings for node

push-to-pull Convert a push-filter to a pull-filter (for simple streams)

rec A tool for recording CLI programs and posting their output.

remoteagent-protocol A binary capable rpc system built on top of msgpack

safereturn Functional helpers for callback based code.

sdl SDL bindings for node

seekable Allows for random seeking and buffered reading in a simple-stream of binary data.

sha1-digest A simple, cross-platform streaming sha1 digest.

simple-fs A node.js implementation of the simple-stream and continuable based fs interface for js-git.

simple-mime A simple mime database.

simple-stream-helpers Helpers that aid in unit tests for simple-stream based projects.

simple-tcp A simple-streams based interface for TCP

smith Smith is an RPC agent system for Node.JS used in architect and vfs. ========

spark Powerful node server starter

stack Stack is a minimal http module system for node.js

step A simple control-flow library for node.JS that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.

sub-stream A simple-streams pull-filter for converting flat streams into nested streams.

tim-task A simple build system I created for git-browser

topcube Simple bindings to create a webkit window that node can control

uvrun Bindings to the uvrun functions in libuv to node.js.

vfs-child A vfs that runs in a child process.

vfs-composite A meta vfs that composes other vfs instances.

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