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brpkg inlines required package.json

codemirror-highlight Generating HTML containing highlighted code with CodeMirror

compo Compose a queue of functions

floader File reading utility, Browserify aware

html-minifier-cli Command-line interface for html-minifier

httptimer Test server network RTT via http(s)

intersperse Add an object to an array between each element

natural-range Convert any range to an exclusive range in natural order.

opath Object-oriented path utility

opurl Object-oriented URL utility

path-br Browerifiable path module

path-extras A drop-in replacement for the path module, Browserify aware

pinpoint Display an arrow in a string of code to point to a location

promise-any-first Utility for working with an array of promises

promise-now Barebone Promise/A+ implementation

roole A language that compiles to CSS

roole-browser Browser version of the Roole language

roole-builtin Roole language builtins

roole-compiler Compiler for the Roole language

roole-error Errors thrown by the Roole language

roole-evaluator Evaluator for the Roole language

roole-node Node utility functions for the Roole language

roole-parser Parser for the Roole language

roole-prefixer Prefixer for the Roole language

tree-transformer Transform nodes in the tree.

tree-transformer-async Transform nodes in the tree asynchronously and sequentially

tree-visitor Visit nodes in the tree

tree-visitor-async Visit nodes in the tree asynchronously and sequentially. Supports promises.

unindent Remove indentations from a block of code

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