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akui Personal way of testing a web app ui.

array_pinch Remove a slice in an array that matches a pair of values/functions.

array_surgeon Find a sequence of values in an Array and replace/remove them.

bling_bling My alternative to HTML.

boxomojo NOt ready.

da_check My personal way of doing validations. (Not ready for use.)

da_river Async flow control. Not ready for public consumption.

duck_duck_duck My personal way to do multi-applet migrations.

englishy A naive approach to parsing Englishy text.

escape_escape_escape My way of escaping HTML.

forward_these_functions A delegator for specific functions.

funcy_perm Create combinations by applying a function to all possible combinations of an array.

humane_list A combination of array and kv structure.

i_love_u Fall in love with computers all over again.

json_applet Mini-apps in your JS web-apps.

ok_dev_watch My way of watching folders while dev.

okdoki_applet OKdoki extensions to json_applet.

repogo Not ready.

rw_ize Add read/write properties to your classes and objects.

string_da99 Da99's helper functions for strings.

tally_ho Async as sync + events. Not ready for use.

topogo Personal Postgresql 9.2+ client, built on npm package PG. Not fit for human consumption

www_applet Not ready.

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