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b64url URL safe base64 encoding/decoding.

cluster-loggly Cluster plugin to send logs to loggly.

delegator Browser event delegation.

dlite-cache Small cache library.

dlite-event Small event library.

dlite-fb Small Facebook library.

dlite-jsonp JSONP support for use via browserify.

dlite-qs Mini query string parsing library for use via browserify.

dlite-query Save me, I wrote another query.

dotaccess A library to access objects using dot notation strings.

freeport Find a free port.

lazyprop Lazy properties.

makeerror A library to make errors.

selenium-launcher A library to download and launch the Selenium Server.

signed-request A signed JSON container.

static-app Build easy to deploy static browser apps.

tmpl JavaScript micro templates.

walker A simple directory tree walker.

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