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amazon-lib AWS Library

arguments-extended Utilities for working with arguments object

array-extended Additional array extensions with a chainable api

coddoc Documentation generator

comb A framework for node

comb-proxy A framework for node

date-extended Additional date extensions with a chainable api

declare.js OO system from node and browser

extended Library for combining multiple libraries into one

extender Easily create object decorators!

fast-csv CSV parser and writer

function-extended Additional function extensions with a chainable api

gofigure Configuration helper for node

grunt-link Grunt task to handle the linking of local dependencies

hare Wrapper around amqp to make common patterns easier

hive-cache A caching tool for node

ht Hash Table Implementation for javascript

inflection-extended Inflection string extensions

is-extended Module for type detection

it A testing framework for node

leafy Different Tree Implementations

moose A node orm

nools A rules engine for node

number-extended Number utilities

object-extended Additional object extensions with a chainable api

patio Patio query engine and ORM

promise-extended Promises implementation with chainable API

promise-utils Collection of promise utils

soda-runner Runner for sodaJS

ssrs Wrapper around Sql Server reporting service

string-extended Additional string extensions with a chainable api

super-request Wrapper on top of request for testing HTTP servers

werker A module to provide a pool for workers

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