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actionman Autowiring of DOM events into eve

actionmap A companion to game-shell for handling game actions succinctly

addressit Freeform Street Address Parser

aikido WebRTC for Everybody [Coming Soon]

alfresco Alfresco Cloud Service API Integration Layer

alignit Align your dom elements to other elements with ease

animator Hook into request animation frame or setInterval if rAF not available

attachmate CouchDB Attachment Helpers

autobrowse Automate browser execution based on known browser executables (like browser-launcher, but not quite as clever)

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

bashinate System provisioning using BASH (for Debian/Ubuntu based systems)

bb10 Lightweight BB10 UI Library

bde Browserify Development Environment

bedazzle CSS3 Animation Helpers for JS

blockdown Markdown content injector for pure HTML templates

boombox Insert your tape to play your test suites with fancy output

boxit HTML and text file builder / collator

buildjs.core Core Shared Functionality for the BuildJS Tool Suite

changemachine changemachine - handle couchdb change notifications using neuron

changemate Change Notification for CouchDB (plus others)

chat Eventually consistent chat rooms via CRDT

checkevents Server Sent Events testing helper for tape

clarity Simple utility to convert obfuscated strings (primary use case is password urls) into the actual equivalent

classtweak DOM Element Class Tweaking (similar to classList native API)

clause Query String to SQL Clause Generator

climate Eve magic for console / prompt interaction

cog Cherry pickable JS functions

connect-devcaps Devcaps implementation built for express and connect

connectables Useful middleware for Connect

couchtty Experimental tty interface to CouchDB

dd JS DOM Utils, browserify and selective require friendly

deckem Build deck.js presentations using Jade templating

decker Browserifiable Web Presentations

defaultcss A simple module for adding default style definition within your HTML

demo-console A demonstration console for browser demos (useful for working with requirebin)

demogen Clientside JS Library Demo Generator

depot_tools Helper module for downloading and working with google's depot_tools

devcaps Device Capabilities Detection Proxy

docstar Sphinx Documentation Helpers for JS devs

driven Model Driven Things

dropkick Your trusty sidekick for dealing with drag-n-drop events

dws Lightweight Wrapper for Decarta Hosted WebServices

entitydef Simple JSON Definition Loader using findit

eventer Experimental events interface

fall Another experimental series and parallel control flow node library

fdom Functional thinking inspired DOM helpers (browserify and selective require friendly)

feature Granular Feature Detection for Browsers

filestream W3C File Reader API streaming interfaces

filterstream Filter object streams in node using matchme

findme Textual module requirement specification

firetruck Not a web framework

formatter Simple String Variable Replacement Formatter

fpath Pull-stream file and path helpers

freeice Get free, randomized STUN and TURN servers for your WebRTC application

fui Functional User Interaction

gendocs Simple documentation generator using sourcecat and emu

geofilter Simple Geospatial filter language designed for readable urls

geojs Simple Geospatial Types and Tools for Javascript

geonames Utilities for working with data

getit Retrieve local and remote files through a simple interface

glass Code for readability

graphdb Graph Database Operations with platform specific adapters

graphdb-orient OrientDB connector for graphdb node module

grunt-rigger Rigging tasks for elegant includes

hatch Eve events over the wire using HTTP EventSource

headerblock Simple module designed to create header blocks for source files from package.json data

htmlmerge Experimental DOM Merge Tool

hushpm Private Storage for your npm modules and selective proxying of upstream modules

injectcode A simple command-line tool for injecting code snippets into markdown files

interleave Advanced JS Build tool

interleave-collate Interleave plugin for collating separate text files into a single JS object

isomath Isometric Math Helpers

jsonget A JSON-P shim around Superagent for zeroconf json-p usage where required

kapp Kondoot Application Wrapper - the baseline wrapper for building distributed, centrally managed apps at Kondoot

kconf Kondoot Application Configuration Layer

lytroview Pure HTML + JS Viewer for Lytro LFP files

maintainer Package / Component Maintainer Toolkit

manifest Download all the things

marquee Amaze your eyes and recapture the magic of the web with scrolling marquees

matchme Simple Object Query Language

messenger-memory Simple in-memory messaging

messenger-tests Reusable tape test suite for messenger tests

multipoint Multipoint Translation and Operations Library

ngineer Generate proxy routes for nginx

npm-authenticate Alternative login for npm

oauthflow CLI OAuth flow helper

omit Efficient ommission of object data based on keys, values and evaluator functions

orienteer Experimental OrientDB Driver

out Tasty STDOUT

pager Command Line Tool for Formatting Flipboard Style Books

peerpair Simple WebRTC RTCPeerConnection pair useful for testing WebRTC modules

periscope Scope Analysis for Esprima

piper Amazing Event Handling and Routing using Eve

playground Code playground for browserify module demos

plug Simple plugin system with minimal dependencies

point Unified, Observable Touch and Mouse Events

polymesh Node.js application container

procinfo Simple Process Information Helpers for Node

pull-datachannel pull-stream source and sink for WebRTC data channels

pull-file Pull streams implementation of a file reader

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